Contemporary Art, Feminism and the Internet

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Contemporary Art, Feminism and the Internet
Photograph: Alex Davies Zin, 'Each Other' (2015) at Performance Space

IRL and URL collide in this digital panel discussion from Women in the Arts and Zin

Spicing up the classic panel format, Women in the Arts presents an interactive Facebook chat facilitated by arts partnership Zin this weekend. The art world (and, well, world) is a hotpot of enquiries into gender equity, intersectionality, identity politics and representation, and this gathering of artists in both the physical and digital sphere will be digging in to the juciest parts of the stew. Joining Zin inside the discussion will be artists, Sabella D'Souza, Xanthe Dobbie, Fresh and Fruity, Talia Smith, Hannah Brontë, and you, the audience, in a giant live stream of ideas and internet chat. Attendees are implored to charge their phones and jump into the bubble as together the room tackles the contemporary state of art, feminism and the internet.      


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