Emotional Intelligence from the Dark Side

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Kyra Maya Phillips
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Writer Kyra Maya Phillips hits Vivid Ideas for a chat about living on the dark side of creativity

Kyra Maya Phillips is interested in stories of creativity, innovation, salesmanship and entrepreneurship from the not-so-shiny parts of the globe.

Alongside co-author Alexa Clay, Phillips released the Misfit Economy in 2015, a book that chronicles the dark side of creativity and ingenuity. It was a culmination of four years of interviews with people from informal and dark markets around the globe – from gangsters to hackers, camel milk farmers to pirates – who shared insight into how they live, work and live with how they work.

During the process, Phillips found herself meditating on some of life’s most fundamental questions, touching on issues of death, failure, uncertainty and building healthy and happy relationships.

Phillips will speak at Dendy Cinemas Opera Quays as part of Vivid Ideas, sharing stories of emotional intelligence from the dark side. This thought-provoking event is presented by the School of Life.

By: Rebecca Russo


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