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Fun indoor things to do in Sydney

Get under cover and discover your inner kid

Photograph: Andrew Stawarz

Make like it’s your tenth birthday party all over again and head to one of these indoor activities to shoot lasers, bounce to your heart’s content, down some pins and more. You’ll soon forget it’s cold and miserable outside. 

Bump, grind and dodge...

Bump, grind and dodge... Turns out you don’t have to go to Luna Park or wait for the Easter Show to get your bump on: City Amusements at Market City has a dodgem track where you can bump and grind until 10.30pm on weekends. Bonus: there’s also a laser tag course and you can hit the Market City food court if you work up a hunger.

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Down some pins...

For ten-pin bowling, try Strike (Moore Park, Chatswood or King Street Wharf), where you can get some karaoke in, and Manhattan Superbowl – a blast of ’60s-style‚Ä® nostalgia.

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Enter the Timezone...

Whether for killing time before a movie or just de-stressing after long day at the hive, Timezone is as fun as we remember it: smack a croc, shoot some hoops and… yes… oh… yes… play some air hockey! Put your coins down and hole up for the winter. Or throw a party – it’s $24 a person for two hours.

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Get bouncing...

Once upon a time, trampolining was like a date with danger in the backyard – one false move and oops, fat lip! That's all changed thanks to Sky Zone, an enormous warehouse in Alexandria that's full of bouncy activities, kids' party rooms... even dodgeball and basketball courts that dare you to stay upright.

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Shoot a laser...

For its proximity to a drink, we nominate Strike as our favourite laser-tag venue: a three-storey arena designed by folks who worked on The Matrix (only it’s real, we swear). The pump-action guns are easy to use and if you feel like a spot of bowling afterward, well, just slip out of your shoes. Oh, and did we mention the bar…

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Moore Park

Find more indoor fun

Escape rooms in Sydney

The concept is simple: solve a variety of puzzles placed in and around the room before your allotted time runs out. Each room has a different theme and stimulates all senses, demanding a variety of problem-solving skills. Time Out took the challenge of visiting nine rooms in the city. Whether we got out in time? Well, that's a different matter.

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By: Emma Joyce