Hot Wing Eating Competition

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Three baskets of fried chicken wings, a Margarita and a bottle of hot sauce
Photograph: Supplied

How much pain would you take for a year's supply of hot wings?

How much do you love wings? And how much do you like free things? If those two Venn diagrams overlap to be one big red sun then you are in luck, because on Wed Sep 28 SoCal in Neutral Bay and Bondi Hardware are hosting a hot wing eating competition. 

You're looking at three rounds with ten wings in each. This is a test of speed, resilience and fire-proofness so you only get three minute per round to eat all your wings and there's no milk or water allowed until the two-minute mark. 

With each round the heat factor will increase and the winner is looking at a $200 voucher prize plus two baskets fo wings per month for a calendar year. 

If you've been wondering what good your Kevlar tongue has ever done you, now is your chance to put it to the test and win yourself a whole lot of chicken. 

To enter email or, and may the strongest stomach win.


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