Aboriginal Cultural and Art Tours
Photograph: Cassandra Hannagan

Indigenous walks and tours in Sydney

Connect to country and learn about Sydney's Aboriginal history and culture through these Indigenous-led tours


Sydney's status as a melting pot of cultures is nothing new — Sydneysiders and vistors alike may be surprised to learn that the traditional owners of the glorious land on which our city now sits was originally inhabited by a whole 29 clans, collectively known as the Eora Nation.

Aboriginal Australia has a rich culture that’s survived more than 60,000 years which means there is a whole lot to learn from the oldest living culture in the world. Really get to know the city of Sydney through the connection to land that its First Nations peoples have and continue to uphold through these five Sydney tours.

Want to learn more? Check out all the things you only know if you're an Aboriginal cultural tour guide.

Indigenous-led walks and tours in Sydney

Time: 90 minutes
Price: $69pp
When: Daily 10.30am and 1.30pm

This 90-minute leisurely walkabout in the Rocks delves into the authentic history of Aboriginal peoples’ saltwater heritage within Sydney Harbour; you’ll learn about their land and water use and their spiritual connection to the adjoining waterways and foreshores that surround our city. Before the ‘walking country’ experience begins, you partake in a ceremony in which you accept ochre – a natural clay earth pigment – that personally acknowledges Earth Mother before you hear about her landscape. As you overlook Sydney Harbour itself, you’ll gain a unique interpretation of the Eora Clans’ reaction to strange visitors landing in Wocconmagulli – now Bennelong Point, where you’ll find the Sydney Opera House, and the land we know as Circular Quay and the Rocks.

Time: 2 hours
Price: $20 
When: Varies, 11am

This easy walk through Parramatta is led by a local Darug traditional custodian and is specifically crafted for primary school aged kids, aged 7 and older, as well as their families to enjoy. The Darug people are Parramatta's original inhabitants, with the word 'Parramatta' coming from the Darug term, 'burramatta' which translates to place of eels. This relaxed walk that goes through Parramatta Park and along the river, is all about learning directly from traditional custodians about Parramatta's First Nations people's enduring local history and culture, as seen through the land.


Time: 4 hours
Price: From $255 for a group of 15
When: Daily 10am

Experience an Aboriginal acknowledgment, a traditional welcome to country, and a true connection with nature on this half day tour. The 15-person bus tour takes you on a drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge to visit an Aboriginal north boundary rock engraving site. Enjoy beautiful views while you eat a modern Aboriginal lunch. On your return, you’ll learn about the south boundary before taking a short walkabout through the Rocks to learn about the original use of this area. You’ll discover how Aboriginal People used valuable resources, such as seasonal flora and fauna, and how a personal connection is formed with the land and its bounty.

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Time: 3.5 hours
Price: $65pp 
When: Mon-Sat (excl. Tue) 10am

Barangaroo, one of Sydney’s major harbourside developments, is named after a powerful Cammeraygal woman who lived at the time of early colonial settlement. She was a key figure in the local Aboriginal culture and community. One of her husbands was Bennelong, whose name is honoured at Bennelong Point, where you’ll find the Sydney Opera House. This tour extends throughout the Hyde Park Barracks, on towards the Angel Place in the city.

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Time: 60 minutes
Price: $30pp, Concession $27, kids $20
When: Thurs, Fri, Sat 1pm

Stingless bee colonies, climbing Moreton Bay fig trees and juicy Davidson plums are just a few of the natural wonders you’ll see (and taste) on this tour of Sydney’s harbourside horticultural oasis. You’ll walk by some of Sydney’s most famous landmarks as you trail around the fringe of the city looking back out to the Opera House, Mrs Macquarie's Chair and the Harbour Bridge. You’ll wander through Farm Cove and learn about how the Gadigal people lived and worked with the seasons before the area was colonised. 

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