Oliver Stone in Conversation with Margaret Pomeranz

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Oliver Stone
Photograph: Juan Naharro Gimenez

Get insight into the mind of this Academy Award winning director in this rare onstage discussion

Prolific writer and director Oliver Stone will be speaking at Vivid Ideas in an exciting talk moderated by At the Movies critic Margaret Pomeranz.

Stone is a lauded writer and director known for cinematic hits Scarface, Wall Street, Natural Born Killers, JFK and Snowden. Known for tackling controversial topics, his films are hard-hitting, gritty and grand in scale.

Taking the stage at Vivid Ideas, Stone will provide a rare, behind the scenes look into his creative mind, detailing how his works have come to define certain figures from our political and cultural history, from Richard Nixon and JFK to Edward Snowden and Jim Morrison. He will share his philosophy on telling difficult stories, how he navigates controversy and resistance, and will touch on how he balances being a writer, storyteller and director in modern Hollywood.

Stone will also make an appearance at this year’s global creative forum Semi Permanent, where he will be speaking in conversation about the power of film and its ability to create change and challenge perceptions.

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By: Rebecca Russo


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