Propagation for beginners

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A garden workshop.
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Get your hands dirty and learn to grow your own greens at the Grounds

The Grounds' resident horticulturalist, Greg Bush will be offering a one hour workshop in cutting and potting your own plants. You'll pick up some tips and tricks that will have you cultivating your green thumb in your own garden. The lesson starts with wine, of course, then you'll get stuck in to snipping and potting. The workshop will cover how to prep your working environment, investigate the best planting tools, outline how to identify certain flora and teach you various methods of stem cutting and potting plants.

This class is for all levels – no experience is necessary – and the best part is, you get to take home your newly propagated greenery. You should manage to keep them leafy and alive with all your expert knowledge.

By: Fatima Olumee


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