Sustainable Basketry Workshop

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Half-woven colourful baskets made from plastic bags.
Photograph: Supplied

Use old t-shirts and plastic bags in an evening of environmentally-friendly craft

Grab any pesky plastic shopping bags you have lying around the house and turn them into a colourful woven basket at this eco-friendly workshop. Your master fibre weaver Ainsley Warner will teach you traditional coil weaving practices and stitching techniques.

In a calming creative session, you’ll bind together bright yarn and unwanted materials like plastics and old clothing to create a basket. You won’t be able to finish it on the day – basketry is a time-intensive labour of love – but you’ll have all the knowledge and a take-home pack of weaving equipment to continue your craft until you produce your woven prize.

This session of creativity is being hosted at New Moon, Lewisham's newest centre where the community can connect and create while they share skills and knowledge in an inclusive space.

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