The Midnight Milkbar

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Milkshakes, spiders and jaffles
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At this adults-only milk bar they're spiking your shakes and spiders

Few joys matched spending all your twenty-cent coins on pick'n'mix lollies at your local milk bar as a kid, and now those halcyon days are back, in a boozy, adults only format. Petersham's adorable retro café Daisy's Milkbar is packing up their milkshake makers, syrups and cherries for an after hours pop-up at the Midnight Special, Newtown's middle Americana music bar on Enmore Road.

The greatest after school snack of all time, the jaffle, will take centre stage. You can order a pulled pork jaffle with mac'n'cheese and barbecue sauce for ten bucks, or a meat pie jaffle filled with tasty mince. Save two dollars and order the vego option – baked beans, cheese and oregano. And just when you thought all your childhood dreams were coming back in technicolour they go and add a savoury fairy bread to the mix. That's right, folks. They're topping white bread with garlic butter, bacon crumbs, bread crumbs and herbs. The only way to know if it works is to go try it for yourself.

Now that the foundations are laid, it's time to apply a vanilla malt and bourbon shake, a lime and tequila spider, or a creaming soda and vodka spider to the mix. 

We sure hope you retained the ironclad stomach of a seven-year-old at a birthday party. You're going to need it.


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