The Motherload

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Photograph: Prudence Upton

Hear from a panel of intellectuals giving their two cents on modern-day motherhood

Accumulate some food for thought at the Motherload by listening to a panel of mothers as they unpick the myths of parenting and vent about child-induced stress. They’ll be discussing hot topics such as gender norms surrounding motherhood, domesticity and femininity along with the highs and lows of being a mum in the 21st century. Anticipate hard truths involving cultural attitudes towards parenting in contemporary Australia and the social pressures placed on women to be ‘perfect mothers’.

The panellists include feminist icon and media commentator Clementine Ford, writer and slam poet Maxine Beneba Clarke and social researcher Dr Rebecca Huntley. Not only are they experts in the issues impacting women who choose to have children, they have lots of real-life experience as mothers themselves.

By: Fatima Olumee


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