This is the Future of Fashion

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This is the Future of Fashion Vivid Well Made Clothes
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Purge your commitment to fast fashion with this insightful chat about fashion’s future

Last year Vivid Sydney presented a sold-out panel about the problems facing the fashion industry, touching on topics like sustainability, ethics and consumer habits.

This year Vivid is looking ahead. This is the Future of Fashion is a panel discussion on the technological innovations that are poised to create a better future for fashion, garment workers and the environment.

The panel will be moderated by Well Made Clothes, a powerhouse online store marking a path for ethical fashion in Australia and abroad. The folks behind WMC will be joined by global industry leaders who are changing the fashion industry.

They will explore ways that sustainability and technology can be used to reduce fashion’s environmental impact and how clothing might take on innovative new functions.

By: Rebecca Russo


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