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Xtastic Time Machine

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Time Out says

This epic booze-free dance party comes with a time machine

A time travelling machine and an alcohol-free costume dance party in Brookvale don't traditionally go hand-in-hand – but just because it’s not traditional, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. If anything, history has taught us that. 

On Saturday July 2, the Xtastic Time Machine will be taking root at the Seadrift Distillery and Bar in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches, bringing a real(ish) legitimate time machine, a whole host of decade-specific DJs, special effects, performers – and a slight hint of steamy steampunk to the mix. 

This event is all about breaking the mold, with it cutting a rather radical revolutionary figure on the Sydney scene (move over, Che Guvera) for being a totally, and completely sober dance party. We know. Shocking. Although Xtastic isn’t exactly about creating a Cuban socialist state (as far as we know), it does emphasise good times that are totally alcohol free, a fact that is tied into the advent of Dry July and fundraising for mental health. 

On top of being wholesome at the core, Xtastic is also putting on a pretty showstopping time, with all attendees asked to dress up as the era they came from, whether that be real, imaginary, ancient or modern. Think steampunk, Ancient Egypt, '60s rockstar, lost noughties politician – the list goes on, but ultimately, you, your costume, your chosen mates, and the range of DJ curated beats (going all the way back to the roaring '20s) are simply required to just show up, and get down. 

Upon arrival, you will get transported in a time machine to a whole new era, with tasy alcohol-free beers and cocktails flowing all night long. Tickets cost between $25 and $59, and you can book in, and find out more about this radical new world by clicking right here.

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Written by Maya Skidmore


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