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These Japanese breweries and bars are now delivering craft beer

Get quality beer delivered to your doorstep from these breweries, taprooms and bars in Tokyo and across Japan

By Kasey Furutani

It’s 6pm, you just finished a long day of working from home and you’re ready to kick back, indulge in some delivery food from your favourite restaurant, and wind down with a cold one. Already tried every classic konbini beverage? Then you’re ready to explore the world of Japanese craft beer, one bottle at a time. 

These breweries and bars are delivering their IPAs, saisons and stouts throughout Tokyo and Japan. So you can get your beer fix while also supporting local businesses in this time of crisis. The best part? By the time it's safe to go out again, you’ll be ready to lead your friends on a craft beer crawl.

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Delivery in Tokyo only


Shopping Specialist food and drink Ebisu

A liquor store and music studio with over 100 years of history, Jolly’s is a staple in Ebisu. The store is now offering delivery of its international beers, along with Japanese drinking snacks (such as nuts, rice crackers and dried fish) and bento lunch boxes. Grab a bottle of Hawaiian beer from Kona Brewing, a Lagunitas IPA or even just your regular Asahi Super Dry or Strong Zero if you’re unable to go to the convenience store.

Order on Uber Eats, delivery to Shibuya, Minato, Meguro, Setagaya and Shinagawa only.


Restaurants German Akasaka

One of the best German breweries in Tokyo, Schmatz is delivering its hefeweizens in six- and 24-packs. Using water sourced from Hokkaido and Mt Fuji, Schmatz has a completely German taste but is crafted all in Japan. Keep an eye out for the upcoming bottles of Schmatz pilsners and dunkels. Need a drinking vessel? Add a beer glass to your online order – it’s the same one used at Nakameguro, Ark Hills and the brewery’s other locations throughout Tokyo.

Order online. Delivery within Tokyo only. 

Delivery throughout Japan

Far yeast
Photo: fb.com/faryeast

Far Yeast Brewing Company

Born and bred in Tokyo, Far Yeast Brewing makes Tokyo-inspired blondes, saisons and IPAs. Far Yeast ships larger shipments of beer, so you can order a package of up to 24 beers (from ¥6,400) for your quarantine bunker, but six-packs are also available. Don’t miss out on the classic Tokyo IPA or try some scented Kagua ales – the Kagua Rouge mixes roasted malt with Japanese sansho pepper for an innovative and distinctly Japanese flavour.

Order online.

Baird brewing
Photo: fb.com/BairdBrewing

Baird Beer

Bars and pubs Breweries

Shizuoka’s Baird Beer, known for its taproom in Nakameguro, sells a 12-pack featuring all its classic beers including stout, pale ale, IPA, porter and lager. If you don’t feel like sampling them all,  just grab a six-pack – or more – of your favourite brew. If you really want to support the brewery, get the year-long Baird Best Membership, which offers free shipping within Japan, discounts and access to the newest limited-edition beers.

Order online.

Oct One 1 beer
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Located in Minakami, Gunma prefecture, OctOne brews natural-tasting, fresh beer using water from Lake Ocutone. OctOne believes you can taste those natural surroundings in each of its beers. The small brewery offers six-packs (starting from ¥3,300) of its saison, porter, IPA and ales, or a tasting set with six OctOne beers chosen at random. Each beer has a suggested pairing – try the Kayaba Saison with sashimi or the Mori-No Porter with meat or dessert.

Order online.

Kyoto brewing
Photo: fb.com/KyotoBrewing

Kyoto Brewing Company

Inspired by American and Belgian craft beers, Kyoto Brewing Company has created its own style of beer with Japanese flavours. Try the limited edition set from January (¥4,000 for a six pack), which includes a fruit sour made from mikan (satsuma mandarin), a juicy double IPA and a Belgian strong wheat ale with sweet aromatic hops, making it a perfect winter beverage. First-timers should opt for the Core Series Set (¥3,200 for a six-pack) featuring standard beers, including the saison-inspired Ichigo Ichie.

Order online.

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