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100 best shops in Tokyo

Tokyo's top shops: new openings, vintage stores, home and furnishing outlets, fashion boutiques, souvenir shops and more

By Kaila Imada

You don't know the meaning of retail therapy until you've shopped in Tokyo. And to prepare you for the ultimate shopper's high, we've rustled up, oh, just 100 of the best shops in Tokyo, from brand-spanking new fashion shops to a range of both well-known and underground spots to satisfy vintage hounds, decor dreamers, paper sniffers and vinyl fiends. And even if you're just in the market for holiday souvenirs, we've got you covered, too.

Archive Store
Photo: Archive Store

1. Archive Store

Shopping Vintage shops Shibuya

Hidden in a basement away from the busy streets of Shibuya, Archive Store is a treasure trove for fans of coveted Japanese and international designers such as Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, Martin Margiela and Raf Simons. The store is worth a visit in its own right for its edgy, hyper-modern interior fitted with mirrored walls and a mysterious, dimly lit atmosphere...

2. Ma-suya Azabu-Juban

Shopping Azabu-Juban

This specialist shop deals in premium salt – yes, just salt, and lots and lots of different types of it. Ma-suya’s walls are stacked full of salt from its home base of Okinawa as well as other regions in Japan. You’ll also find some top-notch sodium chloride from France and several other countries. You can taste everything before making a purchase, or just let the ‘salt sommelier’ help you with an informed recommendation...


3. Hibiya Central Market

Shopping Lifestyle Hibiya

Sprawled across the third floor of the new Hibiya Midtown complex, this modern marketplace is full of surprises. From high-end luxury fashion to stationery and craft gin, there’s a lot to take in as you make your way through this trendy space. Hibiya Central Market is designed to look like a miniature town, with nine separate retail spaces ranging from a bookshop and a barber to a hip coffee stand and lifestyle store selling the latest fashion and quirky trinkets for your home...

4. Asakusa Tatsumiya

Shopping Gifts and souvenirs Asakusa

Asakusa is usually full of cheap knick-knacks and tacky souvenirs, but you’ll want to stop by this small shop which specialises in kimono-covered tumblers. Currently run by the third-generation owner Norikazu Shibukawa, Asakusa Tatsumiya was first established as a kimono retailer more than 80 years ago. However, Shibukawa decided to revamp the old business three years ago after finding a way to connect Japan’s traditional elements with Tokyoites’ modern lifestyles...

四歩 Sippo
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

5. Sippo

Restaurants Kichijoji

Looking like an outlet store, the expansive Sippo will delight bargain hunters with its wide range of reasonably priced goods. The selection may seem random but everything is either made in Japan or features Japanese aesthetics. There’s homeware, fashion, jewellery, accessories, gourmet food items and even antique furnishings...

6. Ume Labo

Shopping Shimokitazawa

At Ume Labo, you can shop for all sorts of Japanese ume products ranging from preserved whole plums to umeshu and syrups for drinks and dried varieties for snacking. What’s even better is their takeaway menu, which consists of ume juice and shaved ice topped with sugary plum – both perfect for that midday shopping break...


7. EW. Pharmacy

Shopping Florists Shibuya

Dry flowers and a pharmacy-themed concept define this shop run by renowned flower artist Megumi Shinozaki, who counts nearly a decade in the industry supplying flower art for TV commercials, shop decorations and the like. Here, you can personalise your very own hand-picked dry flower arrangement that will make you forget all about fresh florals...

8. Haibara

Shopping Nihonbashi

If you’re looking for some exquisite Japanese stationery, this long-established outlet in Nihonbashi should be your first port of call. Haibara counts more than 200 years in business and knows how to turn traditional washi paper into beautiful letter sets, uchiwa (round-shaped fans), notebooks and much more. The elegant design of their products can be traced back to the late Edo (between 1806-1868) and Meiji (1868-1912) periods, when Haibara’s previous owners collaborated with the most famous painters of that time...


9. Tokyo Kitsch

Shopping Gifts and souvenirs Yanaka

Nestled among the old-school streets of Yanaka, you’ll find this unassuming little shop selling traditional, quirky and, as its name suggests, kitschy Japanese souvenirs. Shop for everything from traditional tableware and maneki-neko lucky cat figurines to Mt Fuji-inspired goods and nori maki-shaped towels, which are placed in a bamboo bento box. Look out for the handmade accessories and jewellery by local labels as well; they all feature some classic Japanese elements...

10. R for D

Shopping Accessories Komaba-Todaimae

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind Japanese designers with aesthetics distinctive of their homeland, look no further than this boutique. Featuring an industrial minimalist interior, the shop’s name stands for ‘Room for Designers’ and it showcases a hefty number of homegrown fashion and accessories creators, as well as regular pop-up events...


11. 1LDK Apartments

Shopping Nakameguro

1LDK Apartments is the lifestyle-oriented branch of 1LDK, the popular Nakameguro clothing store that draws an aesthetic comparison with Muji. Offering clothes, food and homeware, the store consists of three main sectors: 1LDK Me for a highly wearable selection of women’s and men’s clothing...

12. 85 (Hachigo)

Shopping Specialist food and drink Nihonbashi

Fermentation has been all the rage recently in Tokyo, and this new shop, part of the Nakameguro Koukashita complex, plays right into the trend's hands by focusing on said time-honoured preservation technique. With a selection that includes soy sauce, miso, sake, cheese, bread and much more, 85 deals in items for daily use that are both good for your health and the enviroment's...


13. Beams Japan

Shopping Lifestyle Shinjuku

The Beams Japan flagship in Shinjuku was re-opened in bigger and better form in April 2016, and now spreads out over a total of six floors. You'll find a dizzying collection of clothing, crafts and art, plus a gallery hosting an eclectic array of events and exhibitions, a rather serious yoshoku restaurant in the basement, and a branch of Ebisu's Sarutahiko Coffee on the ground floor...

14. Biotop

Shopping Shirokanedai

The idea here was to create a shopping space within a natural, living ecosystem. Launched in 2010, Biotop takes care of your fashion, food and lifestyle needs, while even offering natural cosmetics and a plant nursery. Stock up on emerging and familiar global fashion labels such as Carven and Hyke, and then grab a healthy lunch at the rustic Irving Place café upstairs...


15. D & Department Tokyo

Shopping Setagaya

Found deep in residential Setagaya, D & Department deals in long-lasting furniture, everyday essentials, books, CDs and much more, including quite a few secondhand wares. The store functions as a base for a variety of design projects, recycling experiments and other events...

16. D47 Museum

Museums Shibuya

The eighth-floor museum in the towering Shibuya Hikarie building is all about spreading the love: each exhibition is devoted to showcasing a particular theme, as represented by all 47 of Japan's prefectures. The retail space also sells and supports a range of items focused on Japanese craftsmanship from each of the different prefectures...


17. Daiso Harajuku

Shopping Harajuku

Whether you're looking for household products or cheap souvenirs, you're sure to find what you need at this three-floor ¥100 shop, a prominent landmark on Harajuku's Takeshita-dori shopping street. Daiso makes life easier for international shoppers by offering floor guides in English as well as Japanese...

18. Ginza Six

Shopping Ginza

Touted as the largest commercial complex in all of Ginza, this humongous structure sits on the Chuo-dori lot last occupied by the Matsuzakaya department store. The concept for Ginza Six is 'world-class', meaning a rather upscale version of, well, everything. Facing the area's central drag on the ground level are high-flying international brands like Céline, Dior and Fendi, while the more artistically inclined surely appreciate the inclusion of Tsutaya Books...


19. Hard Off Oizumi-Gakuen

Shopping Second-hand shops Nerima

The Oizumi-Gakuen outpost of Hard Off is the recycle-store chain's largest in the Tokyo area. Dealing in used audio equipment, computers, electronics, musical instruments and clothing, it boasts a massive, warehouse-like interior. Renowned as a veritable treasure chest for collectors, the shop sees a daily stream of regulars who come in search of forgotten masterpieces and rarities...

20. Ippodo Marunouchi

Restaurants Tea rooms Marunouchi

Founded in Kyoto in 1717, this 300-year-old purveyor of fine tea makes every effort to maintain consistently delicious flavours throughout the year. Ippodo’s Marunouchi outpost is your one-stop shop for all things green tea, and even houses a fully equipped tea room fit for serious sipping. We also love their matcha takeout service...


21. Isetan Shinjuku

Shopping Shinjuku

Arguably the trendiest department stores in Japan, the flagship Isetan Shinjuku is renowned for having its window displays created by leading artists and offers only the finest in food, clothing and homeware. It recently underwent a massive refurbishment – got to keep up with the times, of course...

Koffee Mameya
Photo: Time Out Tokyo

22. Koffee Mameya

Restaurants Coffeeshops Harajuku

For those still grieving the loss of Omotesando Koffee, which closed down back in late 2015, this place is sure to bring respite: opened by the same man, Eiichi Kunitomo, and located in the exact same place (albeit in a new building), Koffee Mameya is a bean specialist with enough shebang to turn you into a proper barista at home. They sell between 15 and 20 varieties of beans, all in 150g bags and with a pricetag between ¥1,200 and ¥4,000...


23. La Kagu

Shopping Kagurazaka

Opened in October 2014, this new Kagurazaka landmark plays a handful of different roles, including those of street fashion heaven, bookstore and café. The La Kagu building, designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates, is built around a 1965 storage facility that's been carefully revamped while maintaining its Showa-era charm...

24. Le Labo

Shopping Cosmetics Daikanyama

Made-to-order colognes plus other great-smelling items like candles and lotions can be found at the Daikanyama outpost of this NYC fragrance label. Not your most conventional scents, they're both easily wearable and unisex. The brand have made quite a name for themselves with some of their most popular creations, including Rose 31 and Santal 33...


25. Liquors Hasegawa

Shopping Specialist food and drink Nihonbashi

Located in underground shopping mall Yaesu Chikagai, right by Tokyo Station, Hasegawa carries a truly extraordinary selection of sake, shochu, craft beer, whisky and other types of hard liquor. With exotic bottles of single malt decorating its shelves, the shop feels almost like a museum to booze – and even better, it’s interactive...

M+ | Time Out Tokyo
Photo by Jun Harada

26. M+

Shopping Lifestyle Asakusa

Both a studio and a retail store, this leather shop stands out from the rest. Leather artisan Yuichiro Murakami, who used to be an architect, really puts his heart – and the traditional techniques he learned in Italy – into the products. Oozing simplicity and functionality, his pieces also make for great gifts...


27. Minä Perhonen Daikanyama

Shopping Daikanyama

Designer Akira Minagawa's hugely successful lifestyle and clothing brand, which incorporates Finnish influences while remaining distinctively Japanese, packed up and moved to Daikanyama in spring 2016 after 15 years in Shirokanedai. Minä Perhonen's new Hillside Terrace location is actually two stores in one: the space facing the Hillside Terrace complex's entrance bathes in natural light...

28. Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Main Store

Shopping Department stores Nihonbashi

Mitsukoshi is Japan's oldest surviving department store chain, dating back to 1673, and this vast edifice is its flagship store. If you need assistance in English, head to the 2nd floor of Mitsukoshi's Annex building and look for the Foreign Customer Service Counter. They provide interpretation and shopping assistance in English and Chinese; have a foreign exchange machine...


29. Mitsuya Saketen

Shopping Specialist food and drink Nishi-Ogikubo

Established in 1926, the venerable Mitsuya liquor store is doubtlessly the best sake shop in western Tokyo. Their nihonshu is delivered directly from over 100 breweries around the country, allowing you to enjoy some of Japan's finest sake at reasonable prices. Centred around a giant fridge in which delicate pure sake is preserved, the store specialises in ginjo...

pass the baton
Photo: Pass the Baton

30. Pass the Baton

Shopping Omotesando

The Omotesando branch is the second store for Pass the Baton, a modern recycle shop that opened their first post within Marunouchi Brick Square. Inside, you’ll find a range of second-hand items, including antiques, furniture, clothing and art – many of which have been previously owned by well-known celebrities...


31. Saturdays Surf NYC

Shopping Nakameguro

With its wood floors, chilled-out vibe and in-store espresso bar, this Daikanyama outpost does a good job of recreating the appeal of the original Saturdays Surf shop in Soho, New York. There are some beautifully crafted surfboards and wetsuits on offer, but you don't have to be a surfer to enjoy the place: just browse the selection of apparel...

Nobuo Watanabe

32. Snow Peak Akishima Outdoor Village

Shopping Tama area

Japanese outdoor brand Snow Peak's flagship outlet occupies a large section of the Mori Park Outdoor Village complex out in Akishima, roughly a 45-minute train ride west from Shinjuku. Tents are set up outside the store so you can go inside and take a peek, while the indoor area is divided into sections for everything from fancy mountaineering...


33. Today's Special Jiyugaoka

Shopping Jiyugaoka

Launched in March 2012, Today’s Special is the brainchild of popular Tokyo lifestyle brand Cibone and primarily stocks food, but they also have a wide range of household goods, clothes and healthcare products. The third-floor café, Today’s Table, sells seasonal dishes for hungry shoppers...

34. Tokyo Hotarudo

Shopping Antiques Asakusa

Asakusa's premier antiques purveyor sure stands out on Rokku-dori: the retro sign spells out 'Mobo Moga Goyotashi', a play on the 1920s slang for 'modern boy' and 'modern girl'. Entering the narrow building, you're sure to notice the vintage, barely functional radio playing some long-forgotten tune. Hotarudo houses a jumble of seemingly random merchandise – mainly from the Taisho period...

東急ハンズ 渋谷店
東急ハンズ 渋谷店

35. Tokyu Hands

Shopping Shibuya

From stationery to toilet-seat covers, this is the largest household goods store in Tokyo, packed with knickknacks for the home. Particularly interesting is the party supplies section, which gives a unique glimpse into the Japanese sense of humour. It can be difficult to find your way around the multitude of floors, but getting a bit lost is part of the fun, right?

36. United Arrows Roppongi Hills

Shopping Roppongi

United Arrows branched out once again in September 2016, this time in Roppongi Hills' West Walk, with their biggest-ever flagship store spread out across the second and third floors. The lower level is for women while the upper floor focuses on men's items – both sections are full of enough clothing, shoes and accessories to warm any fashion lover's heart. Part of the third floor also has mini-areas specialising in items such as umbrellas, watches and bags...


37. Yamamoto Coffee

Shopping Specialist food and drink Shinjuku

Shinjuku's premier coffee specialist draws you in with the aromatic beans (both roasted and fresh) sold at the entrance, while the shop interior is littered with countless coffee-related contraptions – from hand-driven coffee grinders to espresso machines and roasters, plus spare parts for all of the above...

38. Ambush Workshop

Shopping Designer Shibuya

Shibuya's famed Cat Street welcomes the first-ever flagship for Tokyo-based brand Ambush. The space stretches across 140 square metres and its design remains true to the gender-neutral vibes of the brand’s collections. Situated in the former site of American Apparel’s Shibuya Men’s store, the store houses the brand’s conceptual jewellery alongside a growing number of its original apparel range...

39. C.E

Shopping Fashion Aoyama

A streetwear brand run by a trio of illustrators and graphic designers – Skate Thing, Toby Feltwell and Yutaka Hishiyama – C.E opened its first brick-and-mortar store earlier this year in Aoyama. Elements of the UK-born Feltwell's background run up against Skate Thing's trademark Tokyo sensibilities, resulting in a constant stream of interesting creations...


40. Candy

Shopping Menswear Harajuku

Epitomising Tokyo’s youth fashion culture, Candy is a popular haunt for young fashionistas and offers a wide range of labels from high-end international brands (J.W. Anderson and Valentino) to cutting-edge Japanese brands (99%IS- and Christian Dada). Take inspiration from their styling portfolio or just browse through the store for some much needed retail therapy...

41. Christopher Nemeth

Shopping Fashion Omotesando

One of the most iconic stores in the Omotesando/Harajuku area, this highly conceptual space shows off pieces by the late fashion designer and artist Christopher Nemeth. An important figure in the ’80s London fashion scene, Nemeth's influence on fashion was made known by his carefully crafted garments interlaced with intricate cutting and sewing techniques...


42. Flamingo Shimokitazawa

Shopping Shimokitazawa

This Shimokitazawa store – sibling to its Harajuku and Kichijoji namesakes – opened in 2005, stocking a mix of new clothing and American vintage duds starting at the ’40s and ending at the ’80s. Thanks to its US-based buyer, new stock comes in quickly, and there’s a good selection of both men and women’s clothing – as well as a few added extras such as retro-look tableware...

43. Giraffe Daikanyama Hillside Terrace

Shopping Fashion Daikanyama

Expressing the very specific ambition of being the store selling the cutest ties in the entire world, Giraffe deals only in original products – from colourful bow ties to classic business ties, simple skinny ties and chic bolo ties. We also like their women's necklace selection...

Photo: GR8

44. GR8

Shopping Harajuku

Even among the shopping chaos that is Harajuku's Laforet, this store dealing in 'cutting-edge' fashion stands out from the rest. The neon lighting inside lends a quirky glow to styles from up-and-coming and edgy designers like Hyein Seo, Astrid Andersen and Shaun Samson. They also host a range of items from popular designer collabs including the coveted Kanye West and Adidas Yeezy collection...

45. Have a good time

Shopping Menswear Nakameguro

This shop nestled in Nakameguro is not to be missed as it’s one of the last of its kind, promoting what’s left of the area’s grungy street art culture. Browse through their collection of cool art which comes in the form of casual fashion pieces like T-shirts and sweat tops, as well as small memorabilia like stickers and accessories. Besides their house brand, they also have capsule collaborations...


46. House @ Mikiri Hassin

Shopping Aoyama

Formerly housed on the second floor of an apartment building just off Harajuku's famous Cat Street, Mikiri Hassin – which is run by renowned stylist Sota Yamaguchi – moved to its current backstreet location in August 2016. An essential stop for in-the-know Harajuku fashionistas, it boasts an unfailingly cutting-edge selection...

47. Ikiji Store

Shopping Ryogoku

A Sumida-based clothing manufacturer, Ikiji brings together a collective of skilled artisans working with shirts, knitwear, leather and more, and combine traditional techniques with modern silhouettes and textiles. They deal in everything from polo shirts and sweaters to bags, business card cases and other small accessories – all of which draw on the Edo-era concept of iki (sophistication). Their line is simple but unique, and incorporates patterns that have been used in Edo-Tokyo for centuries...


48. Maison Kitsuné Daikanyama

Shopping Daikanyama

In addition to their Aoyama shop and café, Parisian brand Kitsuné also operate this chic Daikanyama location since spring 2016. Said to be inspired by the late Hotel Okura's retro interior, the décor at Maison Kitsuné Daikanyama is the work of co-founder Masaya Kuroki himself. You'll find womenswear on the ground floor, while the second floor offers men's clothing and accessories...

49. Nakata Shoten Ameyoko

Shopping Okachimachi

One of the longest-standing stores on Ueno's Ameyoko, Nakata is a purveyor of surplus military gear and leather jackets. They source both the real thing and replicas from all over the world, and boast an excellent selection of reasonably priced boots, coats and various accessories...


50. Nude Trump

Shopping Shibuya

If you need to spice up your outfit before hitting a fashionable party in Shibuya (perhaps at hipster playpen Trump Room, just upstairs), stop by this long-standing vintage clothing shop beforehand. Run by absurdist fashionista Hayao Matsumura (who originally started the shop in Koenji in the late ’80s), Nude Trump is a chaotic jumble of outré garments and accessories...

51. Okura

Shopping Daikanyama

At Okura you'll find clothing and other textiles based on traditional Japanese tailoring techniques and designs. The store itself housed in a beautiful old building and invokes a real Japanese atmosphere – it even features a weathered curtain over the door at the entrance. Browse through a wide range of items including indigo-dyed (a Japanese dyeing method used since ancient times) T-shirts...


52. The Real McCoy's

Shopping Fashion Harajuku

Look no further for the best quality denim, leather and other cosy wardrobe staples at The Real McCoy’s. From worn-in T-shirts and heathered grey sweats to vintage-inspired souvenir jackets and military bombers, there’s no shortage of fine fashion staples at this urban cool dealer. Although most pieces in the shop look like they are well-maintained vintage items from as early as the ’50s, don’t be fooled...

53. Sacai

Shopping Fashion Aoyama

After years of ducking the spotlight, Chitose Abe finally embraced the growing acclaim for her Sacai brand by opening this Aoyama flagship store in 2011. The veteran designer (who worked under Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe before going it alone in 1999) is best known for her innovative knitwear, but her women's and mens lines now...


54. Shibuya 109

Shopping Shibuya

This landmark Shibuya store is the domain of the joshikosei – the fashion-obsessed teenage girls who don’t just follow trends but start them. Take a stroll around to see them in action and indulge in some amateur anthropology. Nearby 109 Men's is the male version...

55. Sneaker Shop Skit Tokyo Kichijoji

Shopping Shoes Kichijoji

Rows of colourful, wrapped-up shoes line the walls at this Kichijoji store that offers an exhaustive range of sneakers from the likes of Adidas, Puma, Nike, Admiral, Reebok and Onitsuka Tiger. They deal in everything from the latest models to 'dead stock' while also carrying limited-edition versions – enough to pique the interest of even the most discerning sneakerhead...


56. Solakzade

Shopping Eyewear Harajuku

Not your typical eyewear shop, Solakzade’s Harajuku boutique is home to a distinctive range of unused vintage and antique frames sourced from Japan and around the globe. The shop carries over 10,000 unique styles from each era of the 1800 to 1900s. Solakzade opened in July 2012 and is run by a pair of brothers from Osaka...

57. Studious Jinnan

Shopping Menswear Shibuya

Stocking Japanese brands only, Studious is a rising 'select' store that seeks to promote local products to a global audience. Its store in Shibuya's Jinnan is a high-end version selling leading Japanese brands like N.Hoolywood and White Mountaineering. Be sure to check out the ‘Tokyo Souvenir’ section for stylish Tokyo-related goods...


58. Toga XTC Harajuku

Shopping Vintage shops Harajuku

Intrepid fashion hounds in search of unusual designs won’t be disappointed by this used clothing shop, opened in 2007 and run by designer Yasuko Furuta’s Toga brand. The choice of location – it's effectively squatting in the ground-floor parking space next to Toga’s Harajuku branch – is thoroughly in keeping with the eccentric nature of the selections within. Toga XTC focuses on second-hand European clothes, shoes and accessories...

トーキョー135° 新宿アルタ店
トーキョー135° 新宿アルタ店

59. Tokyo135° Shinjuku Alta

Shopping Shinjuku

An offshoot of the nationwide Tansuya chain, Tokyo135's Shinjuku Alta branch attracts a diverse crowd looking for slightly funkier kimono for all occasions. Their colour scheme and style is decidedly more pop art-y and modern than traditional, and they also sell a large selection of vibrant hair adornments and other accessories, alongside some cool remade items. Not all pieces for sale are secondhand, but they have a good mix of new and old...

60. Books Kinokuniya Tokyo

Shopping Bookshops Shinjuku

Although floors one to five were unfortunately closed in August 2016, Kinokuniya's other Shinjuku outpost is still one of the best bookstores in Tokyo for foreign-language publications. Head to the sixth floor for books, magazines and more in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and many other languages...

61. Daikanyama Tsutaya Books

Shopping Bookshops Daikanyama

In a perfect world, all bookshops would be like this. Tokyo's Klein Dytham Architecture won an award at the World Architecture Festival for their work on Daikanyama T-Site, which is spread across three interlinked buildings adorned with lattices of interlocking Ts. That 'T' stands for rental chain Tsutaya, whose seemingly bottomless pockets helped fund the kind of book emporium that most capital cities can only dream of...


62. Disk Union

Shopping Music and entertainment Shinjuku

This massive eight-floor music treasure trove will surely have any music geek drooling over their stock of secondhand CDs and vinyl. The store received a makeover last year categorising each floor with a different music genre where you'll find the likes of punk and hardcore on the top seventh floor down to Japanese rock and indie music on the basement level...

Photo; Time Out Tokyo

63. Flash Disc Ranch

Shopping Music and entertainment Shimokitazawa

One of the top record stores in Shimokitazawa, an area littered with shops dealing in both vinyl and CDs, the spacious Flash Disc Ranch is found on the second floor of a run-down building on the south side of the station. The vintage sound system is usually turned up almost all the way, accompanying your search for everything from rock and jazz to house and new wave...


64. Jet Set

Shopping Music and entertainment Shimokitazawa

Based in Shimokitazawa and Kyoto (and online), Jet Set covers all genres with albums selected by their expert buyers. Best if you’re looking for soft rock, soul, house, disco and techno. And if you’re into Japanese pop, you’ll be amazed by Jet Set’s limited-edition 7/12 inch records...

65. Komiyama Shoten

Shopping Jinbocho

Japanese photography expert John Sypal calls this Jinbocho bookstore ‘four floors of incredibleness’. Komiyama stocks photobooks by all the giants of Japanese photography as well as plenty of Western photography. Primarily but not exclusively a photo shop, Komiyama also carries books on fashion, design, Japanese history and art. Things get progressively rarer and more expensive as you ascend up to the top floor...


66. Lighthouse Records

Shopping Music and entertainment Shibuya

This atmospheric Shibuya record store focuses on genres such as house, disco and Balearic house, and also boasts a pair of handsome vintage Klipschhorn floor speakers. Prices are very reasonable, and the shop gets a shipment of new stock every week, so check back regularly...

67. Los Apson?

Shopping Music and entertainment Koenji

Founded in a Shinjuku apartment building back in 1994, this well-supported record shop was based in Hatagaya for well over a decade before moving to its current Koenji location in 2015. Underground records are the main draw, but you'll also find plenty of quirky T-shirts and self-published music mags here...


68. Morioka Shoten Ginza

Shopping Bookshops Higashi-Ginza

The concept of this bookstore, which opened in 2015, is ‘a single room with a single book’. Focusing on just one book each week, the store creatively exhibits each work in a beautiful space within a wonderfully retro building...

69. Nostos Books

Shopping Setagaya

You'll find this brick-and-mortar branch of the online secondhand bookshop Nostos on Shoinjinja Dori in Setagaya. The shop opened in a renovated grocer's shop in August 2013, its all-glass exterior easily catching the attention of stylish locals. Carrying about 3,000 publications from the '60s through to the '80s, its main focus is on design, art, photography and essays...


70. Shelf

Shopping Bookshops Harajuku

Shelf specialises in photography books, from newly published to out-of-print editions. Found near the Watari-Um Museum of Contemporary Art, this is a treasure box for those who work in the field or who simply can’t get enough of arty imagery...

71. Tower Records Shibuya

Shopping Music and entertainment Shibuya

Tower Records was given an extensive overhaul in late 2012 that increased its whopping 5,000 square metres of floor space. There’s now a bookstore and a decent café on the second floor, the music sections now give prominent placement to back catalogue stock as well as new arrivals...


72. Waltz

Shopping Music and entertainment Nakameguro

Tokyo is well known for its vibrant record store scene, but finding a shop specialising in good old cassette tapes might surprise even the most hardcore of collectors. Waltz stocks a whopping 3,000 tapes amassed one-by-one by the owner, plus an extensive selection of vinyl, VHS tapes, vintage mags and boomboxes...

73. Akihabara Radio Kaikan

Shopping Akihabara

Originally established in 1950, this is one of those venues that’s become a symbol of Akihabara’s tech and fictional character culture. It closed down for renovation in 2011 but was relaunched in 2014, with a bigger and better selection of stores selling all sorts of ‘electric town’ goods such as figurines, idol merchandise, trading cards and pretty much any electronic equipment you need...

74. Atelier Sougeikan

Art Drawing and illustration Kinshicho

A stone's throw from the futuristic marvel that is the Tokyo Skytree, Atelier Sougeikan offers calligraphy lessons where you’ll get a chance to decorate an item of your choosing, such as a fan or a lantern, and take your creation home with you. They also sell reasonably priced souvenirs – we love the lacquer-drawn Skytree poster...


75. Avril no Mise Kichijoji

Shopping Art, craft and hobbies Kichijoji

A yarn specialist on Kichijoji's Nakamichi-dori, Avril occupies a cutesy red-walled building on the north side of the station. Step inside and be greeted by the sound of winding machines – the staff are always hard at work here, organising the countless varieties of yarn that adorn the walls. In addition to regular varieties, you'll find natural fibers, ribbons, stainless steel string and even raw wool...

76. Hanashyo Nihonbashi

Shopping Nihonbashi

Specialising in Edo Kiriko glassware, Kameido-based Hanashyo also operates this Nihonbashi store and showroom. One of today’s premier names in this traditional art, the origins of which reach back into the 1820s, Hanashyo’s gorgeous, stylish wares make for impressive souvenirs....


77. Kagaya

Shopping Shinjuku

Founded in 1962, Shinjuku's Kagaya is one of the city's longest-running smoke shops and deals in everything from standard cigarettes to cigars, pipes and lighters. Brands from around the world are represented, with the cigar lineup being particularly impressive: you'll find fine Cubans alongside product from places like Dominica, Honduras and Nicaragua...

78. Kakimori

Shopping Asakusa

You might find yourself falling in love with the art of writing again after a visit to this specialist stationery shop. Kakimori’s range of pens, inks and letter sets are chosen on the basis of how comfortable they are to use, and customers are welcome to try out the fountain pens in store. Best of all are the made-to-order notebooks...


79. Kakusen-en Komagome

Shopping Florists Komagome

Unique cacti and succulents in an almost overwhelming variety fill the main greenhouse and spill out onto the roof at this Komagome specialist, where you'll find plants from as far afield as Peru and South Africa. It's always a fun place to visit, whether you’re a cactus enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of succulents...

80. Kama-Asa Shoten

Shopping Asakusa

Founded in 1908, Kama-Asa in Asakusa’s Kappabashi (also known as Kitchen Town) deals in everything from kitchen knives (up to 80 different kinds) and exquisite Nanbu Tekki ironware to items like stylish crane-shaped graters and some of the best frying pans. Buy a knife and they’ll engrave it for you...


81. Karimoku 60 Shinjuku

Shopping Shinjuku

Turning out exquisite handmade furniture since 1940, Karimoku 60 is an institution. The company’s creations are all made from domestic wood and designed to suit Japan’s smaller homes. Their iconic K Chair’s design has stayed the same since 1963 and remains the company’s flagship product...

Kiddy Land
Photo: Kiddy Land

82. Kiddy Land

Shopping Harajuku

Kiddy Land is a Tokyo institution. The main Harajuku shop is a noisy, heaving maze of mascots, dolls, cuddly toys, furry toys, action figures, Disney, Kitty, Doraemon, Godzilla and more. Warning: this much cuteness can damage your mental health...


83. Kyukyodo

Shopping Gifts and souvenirs Ginza

Japanese paper specialist Kyukyodo opened its first shop in Kyoto in 1663 and supplied incense to the Imperial Palace during the Edo period. Still run by the Kumagai family that founded it, the shop moved to Tokyo in 1880. This branch in Ginza, with its distinctive arched brick entrance, still sells incense, alongside a selection of seasonal gift cards and lots of small, moderately priced items...

84. M's: Pop Life sex department store

Shopping Akihabara

The creativity involved in Japan's porn industry is on full display at this seven-floor sex goods shop next to Akihabara Station, and the best way to peruse their wares is slowly, from the top down. The top three floors are given over to DVDs. Hop out of the lift at the seventh, walk past the posters of porn stars, and you're immediately confronted with hundreds of transgender skin flicks and shelves packed with 'mature' content...


85. Mandarake

Shopping Shibuya

You don’t have to go all the way to Akihabara to get your otaku fix: this subterranean shop in central Shibuya is overflowing with manga, anime, collectible toys and more. Stay tuned for store events and auctions where collectors can get their hands on rare finds...

86. Mannen-ya

Shopping Shinjuku

Look for the giant turtle painted on a flashy yellow building and you'll be on the doorstep of this 50-year-old store that sells everything from knickerbockers and jika-tabi (work shoes) to hot-pink helmets and Hello Kitty items...


87. Mask Shop Omote

Shopping Sumida

Find out what’s behind the mask at Shuhei Okawara's funky store in old Tokyo: Omote is found along a quiet, nostalgia-oozing shopping street in Sumida's Kyojima and has become a favourite among the city's actors, mask-makers and headwear enthusiasts. The selection ranges from the usual to the fetishistic, including Venetian-style masks...

88. Midoriya

Shopping Gifts and souvenirs Nippori

Three generations of bamboo craftsmen have practised their art at this Yanaka shop, which was first established back in 1908. The elegant products on display range from flower baskets to chopsticks, bookmarks and lunchboxes, but the exquisite insect cages are the real standout. If you can't afford one of those, opt for the 'renkon coasters' (¥500), fashioned to resemble a slice of lotus root...


89. Mikura

Shopping Asakusa

Fittingly located on the north side of Asakusa’s Kappabashi (aka Kitchen Town), this specialist shop carries a dizzying variety of chopsticks in different lengths, colours and shapes – ask the staff to pair you up with ones that fit perfectly in your hands. An engraving service is also available...

ナカガワマサシチショウテン トウキョウホンテン

90. Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

Shopping Home decor Marunouchi

Established in Nara back in 1716, Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten is one of those venerable crafts purveyors that have survived through the centuries by relying on quality, tradition and gradual adaptation to changing times. This Marunouchi store, their Tokyo flagship, stocks an extensive range of collaborative items, including the Hasami line made with Nagasaki porcelain...