London's best restaurants for dining alone



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Find excellent eateries for solo diners in the capital

Sushi, burritos or even a kebab - if you're dining solo in the capital there's plenty of fine food to be enjoyed alone. Check out our guide to great restaurants in London where you won't feel awkward requesting a table for one. Do you agree with the choices? Use the comments box below or tweet your suggestions.

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Fine... but what if I don't want to eat at the bar, by the kitchen, in the window or at a communal table? So often as a solo female restaurant-goer, I'm shunted off to the smallest table behind the loo door, 'forgotten' by the wait staff, hustled to finish and leave, or simply denied service altogether... probably on the assumption that I won't order anything but a salad and then leave no gratuity. It's tiresome!