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What’s your favourite shop in London?

We’ve had our say – now it’s time for you to have yours. Take another look at our list and tell us your single favourite place to spend money in London

You know what we consider to be London’s best shop, but did we get it right or wrong? Has your favourite place to splash cash made it onto our list? We want to know what you think – what is the best shop in London? Simply select your favourite from the list below, or, if it’s not there, enter it into the box at the bottom and maybe we’ll consider it for next time.


Christopher J
Christopher J

I still don't understand the fascination with shopping in-store, so much hassle, especially in London. I've given up - just shop online now, my current favourite webstore is http://www.not-addicted.co.uk/product-category/brands/ma-strum/

You get some decent clobber without having to leave the house :D

However, if I were to pick my favourite shop in London - Weekend Offender - D'arblay Street - Top quality. Clothes are ace and the staff are top lads.


Loads of great offers, helpful staff. Convenient.