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The best Japanese restaurants in Bangkok

From sushi to yakiniku to shabu-shabu, we round up the best Japanese restaurants in town

Japanese cuisine is heaven for the gastrophile — the food is fresh, the flavors are balanced and the the bites are small. Get your chopsticks ready because Time Out has prepared a list of the best places for fresh sushi, meaty yakiniku, hot shabu-shabu and many more Japanese favorites. 

The best japanese restaurants in Bangkok


Founded by Frederic Meyer, Kom-Ba-Wa’s interior features a mixture of Japanese and French décor like postcards from Japan back in 1920s, chandeliers from France. For food, most of the fish comes straight from the Tsukiji Fish Market, the biggest fish market in Japan. Highlight dishes incluse rosebeef—black angus to garnish in a rose shape served with ponzu sauce, combo sushi—five fresh sashimi including  tuna, otoro, chutoro, hotate (scallop) and salmon.  

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Nirai Kanai

Among many Japanese restaurants in Bangkok, Nirai Kanai is unique for its Okinawa style that brings the beach atmosphere from the southern islands of Japan to our Bangkok city as if you can feel sea breeze just when you enter the restaurant. Nirai Kanai means heaven of happiness and it is a famous chain restaurant that has a lot of branches in Tokyo; moreover, there are two branches in Bangkok: at Sukhumvit 26 and Thonglor 11 where we are talking about (and this place is our team’s favorite meeting point too). Beside the Okinawa’s decorating style, the plenty of menus you can choose here are authentic Okinawa way of cooking. Try their traditional Okinawa food and don’t miss Okinawan braised pork belly that will melt in your mouth from hours of braising. If you want to taste the real taste of Okinawa, you need to try Kumesen, Soju and soda water mixed with orange juice or other Japanese alcoholic drinks to pair with your food. On Friday and Saturday night, you will get to enjoy Nirai Kanai more because of the live music from shamisen, local Okinawan musical instrument accompanying your delicious meal and bringing you to the heaven as its name suggests. 

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For over 10 years that Chef Randy Noprapa has been working in a number of popular restaurants in the States including working with the Iron Chef’s Masaharu Morimoto. The menu covers seasonal dishes which are traditional sushi & sashimi and home cook menu. Included in the highlights are beef marrow—roast beef leg and onions with teriyaki sauce topped up with sea urchin roes, the photogenic Barachirashi—12 kinds of sashimi on rice. For sushi lovers, don’t miss fillets maki—prawn tempura, crab sticks, avocado and homemade mayonnaise filling topped with shrimp eggs, Fillets also specialises in homemade drinks, try copper glass (Katakama Sochu, ginger beer and rosemarry) will quench the Bangkok heat and improve your digestive system, Moscow Mule (Ciroc Vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and mint leave) the combination of strong sweet and sour flavour will satisfy your palate.

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kukkuuk yakiniku café

The menu covers a variety of imported beef including jo karubi and  tokujo karubi. Try  tuna wasabi, beef steak serves with jaew (Thai dried chilli dipping sauce), fried chicken with lemongrass and  pad Thai with karaba crab (using deep fried dumpling sheets instead of typical pad Thai noodle). For cocktails, plump for whiskey-based Samurai or San Shian-- vodka, peach syrup and sweet vermouth as a warm up before jumping down to enjoy EDM (electronic dance music) at DND downstairs.  

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Nippon Kai Market

Nippon Kai, a combination of restaurant and market, is the main source for the imported-Japanese produce to a number of hotels in Bangkok. Opt for a variety of high-quality seafood like mentaiko, uni (sea urchin roes), otoro (fatty tuna belly) and gindara (snow fish) as well as the premium beef, pork and snacks. Those who love to eat in, try engawa sushi parade, foie gras matsusaka roll and the sweet-meets-tangy Japanese tomatoes. 

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Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi serves the modern Japanese fusion combining different tastes to suit all palates. Radish Ravioli, Osaka Tako-sen, and Kani Kamameshi are highly recommended. Japanese Sake and more than 80 drinks on the menu will definitely satisfy everyone on a night out. 

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Yukari Shabu Shabu

‘We only serve fresh’ is a promised by Yukari. You can choose to enjoy your shabu shabu styled buffet, A La Carte, or as a quick lunch. Simply select the soup, meat, and your favourite dipping sauce, then you are ready to go. Their soups & stocks are simmered for hours to get the ‘umami’ taste without the help of MSG, so there’s no worries. 

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Khlong Toei

Kenji’s Lab

The owner, Chef Kenji’s experiments with dishes in his restaurant. Parsley is cooperated with sanma to create the perfect harmony with either grilled simply or turn them into a pasta dish. He also likes to compliment his dishes with drinks to help enhance the flavour. Therefore, it is highly recommended to let him choose the drink for you!  

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Zuma Restaurant

Wagyu steak is a star on the menu here at Zuma. Imported from Nagasaki, the A4 beef is prepared and grilled by Chef Satoshi, the head chef who’s cooked in Zuma’s kitchen in Hong Kong and London.  Feel free to exercise your tastebuds with spicy ponzu, freshly grated wasabi along with three flavoured salts that are served with a juicy steak. However, it is recommended to experience the natural taste of Wagyu before anything else. 

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Imported fresh from Tsukiji Fish Market, marbled Otoro, the most desired part of tuna is served here at Yamazato along with Chutoro, Akami and the other fresh seafood. Authentic Japanese dishes are also available as alternatives that are as enjoyable and appealing just like the melt-in-your-mouth sashimi. 

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Phloen Chit
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