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The best sushi in Boston

Find stellar maki, hand rolls, sashimi and more with our guide to the best sushi in Boston

Photograph: Elan Fleisher
A great choice for upscale sushi, Boston restaurant Oishii ranks among the city’s top Japanese spots

Craving sushi? Boston has an array of excellent Japanese restaurants and sushi joints—some of which are among the best sushi restaurants in America. Snappy Sushi on Newbury Street is our pick for a quick lunch break during a Back Bay shopping spree, while upscale Oishii in the South End is known for its authentic omakase.

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Best sushi in Boston


Cross a Zen meditation garden with a slick postmodern lounge, and what do you get? Something like the urban outpost of Oishii—which is to say nothing like the modest 15-seat original in suburban Chestnut Hill. And that's just fine: if anyone's earned the right to a little flashy immodesty, it's the folks who brought Bostonians their first taste of Tokyo-grade sushi. Hype, you scoff? Go for the omakase (house special) before you answer that question. The spectacularly colorful combinations look as sensational as they taste.

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The South End

Snappy Sushi

Along the stairs leading down from Newbury Street into this (literal) bargain basement of a sushi bar, it's often standing room only—but the few tables in the tiny dining room turn over quickly, a good sign for freshness freaks and speedniks alike.

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O Ya


Bite for bite, this self-styled Japanese tavern is arguably serving the most expensive food in the city. It's also, less arguably, some of the most thrilling—daring yet meticulous, and delicate but rarely precious. Sushi isn't the half of it: chef Tim Cushman transforms the humblest fare, from miso soup to tonkatsu, into luxuries, which sommelier Nancy Cushman pairs with sakés from her select list.

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Scallop-kiwi maki, sea urchin tempura, shining baubles of monkfish pâté—Back Bay was more than ready for such heady fare, as Douzo has proven since day one. A date favorite for its multi-level nooks and mood lighting, it's no less welcoming to loners who score seats at the sushi bar, getting the inside scoop on daily specials direct from the chefs.

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Back Bay

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