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Avondale neighborhood guide

Known for its Polish population and Latino cuisine, Avondale is filled with notable restaurants, attractions and more

By Zach Long

Posted: Thursday October 20 2016

Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

Located just north of Logan Square, Avondale is a neighborhood that has historically boasted a large Polish population, which is still represented by the Eastern European restaurants and shops that dominate a stretch of Milwaukee Avenue. Walk through the streets and you'll come across beautiful old churches such as the St. Hyacinth Basilica and smell delicious meals being cooked in Mexican restaurants. Once home to a man-made waterfall (the defunct Olson Park and Waterfall at Diversey and Pulaski), today Avondale is dotted with arts centers, small parks and interesting shops. Familiarize yourself with the area by looking through our Avondale neighborhood guide.

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