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Photograph: Jaclyn RivasDuck Inn Dogs

Time Out Market Chicago announces more amazing chefs and eateries

Abe Conlon, John Manion, Lost Larson and more are heading to Time Out Market Chicago

Morgan Olsen
Written by
Morgan Olsen

UPDATE: We are opening Nov 21!

For months now, we've been quietly rounding up the best chefs in the city to join us at Time Out Market Chicago, a culinary and cultural destination opening later this year in the heart of Fulton Market. The 50,000-square-foot space houses 18 kitchens, three bars and one drop-dead gorgeous rooftop terrace—all spread across three floors. Our mission is simple: Bring the pages of Time Out Chicago to life with the help of our favorite chefs, the ones who wow us again and again. (It's been a delicious undertaking, to say the least.)

Six more noteworthy chefs and restaurants join our lineup today, enticing guests with craveworthy eats from near and far. Abe Conlon (Fat Rice) will transport visitors to Portugal through hearty, rustic dishes; John Manion (El Che Steakhouse & Bar, La Sirena Clandestina) will share his passion for South American staples; Lost Larson will give us a damn good reason to get up in the morning, thanks to their delectable pastries; Dos Urban Cantina promises elevated Mexican favorites; Duck Inn Dogs offers the people of Chicago the hot dog they deserve; and FARE will dish out healthy eats that are packed with flavor

These amazing names will join our first chef lineup, which includes Brian Fisher, Bill Kim, Thai Dang, The Purple Pig, Split-Rail, Mini Mott, The Art of Pizza and Pretty Cool Ice Cream. Take a closer look at the latest additions to our culinary curation below, and follow @timeoutmarketchicago for more delicious announcements coming soon.

Abe Conlon: James Beard Award winner Abe Conlon’s cooking career began when he was just 15 years old—around the same time the rest of us were just eating what we could microwave. After years of working under the world’s top culinary leaders, he and Adrienne Lo opened Fat Rice in Logan Square in 2012, transporting Chicagoans to Macau, China. As a tribute to Time Out Market’s origins in Lisbon, here Conlon creates rustic, hearty dishes inspired by his travels to the Portuguese mainland.

John Manion: We like to think John Manion was a daredevil in a past life—maybe it’s because he plays with fire for a living at his celebrated West Loop restaurants, El Che Steakhouse & Bar and La Sirena Clandestina. Manion’s cooking is a veritable love letter to his travels through South America, with special attention paid to the cuisines of Argentina and Brazil. (Yeah, this is the place to come when empanada and chimichurri cravings strike.) The centerpiece of his eatery is a red-hot, wood-burning stove, and anything that touches those flames is sure to be dynamite.

Lost Larson: To really appreciate the wonders of this pastry case, we must tell you that chef-owner Bobby Schaffer mills his own flour and employs a tedious (but deeply worthwhile) fermentation process to craft cardamom-scented chocolate croissants, lingonberry-almond cakes and flaky cinnamon rolls. Backed by a résumé that includes a stint at the three-Michelin-starred Grace, Schaffer opened Lost Larson in Andersonville to reconnect with his heritage. The bakery pays homage to his grandfather’s abandoned last name, Larson, which he lost when he immigrated to the U.S. and took his boss’s surname.

Dos Urban Cantina: Brian Enyart and Jennifer Jones Enyart lay claim to the ultimate Chicago love story: They met while working under storied chefs Rick Bayless and Charlie Trotter, respectively. Years later, they opened Dos Urban Cantina in Logan Square, where they use contemporary ingredients and flavors to put their own spin on Mexican staples, like the tamal tots—hunky nuggets of masa served with spicy habanero crema. The only way you can mess up your order here is by skipping Jennifer’s famed chocolate cake, which we’re convinced is laced with pure magic and loads of cocoa.

Duck Inn Dogs: Every restaurant has a dish that takes on a life of its own, and for the Duck Inn in Bridgeport, it’s the namesake hot dog. To be fair, calling it a ‘hot dog’ doesn’t quite do it justice. The sausage here—a decadent blend of all-natural beef and duck fat—is grilled and topped with elevated Chicago-style ingredients: house-made relish, beer mustard, pickled serrano chilies, a fat pickle, garden-fresh tomatoes, raw onions and a dash of celery salt. For his debut spin-off concept, chef Kevin Hickey unleashes a full menu of dogs that are topped with everything from blood-orange mustard and foie gras mousse to Tajin lime crema.

FARE: Health food that doesn’t leave you craving french fries at midnight? We didn’t think it was possible. Founders Kasia Bednarz and Britni DeLeon have cornered the market on feel-good eats that are heavy on flavor and light on guilt. The duo met years ago while working at a Chicago steakhouse (really), where they bonded over their desire to fill the void between celery juice and cheat meals. They partner with like-minded farmers to source clean ingredients for their hearty bowls, loaded toasts and nutrient-packed smoothies.

We’ll be revealing more amazing chefs in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us @timeoutmarketchicago to stay in the loop.

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