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Soldier Field
Photograph: CC/Flickr/Jim Larrison

Chicago Bears: A guide for the football fan

Prepare for the Chicago Bears season with our guide to the best restaurants, bars and t-shirts for football fans

Zach Long
Written by
Zach Long

"Bear down," has been the rallying cry of the past few seasons of Chicago Bears football, thanks to changes in management as well as the lineup of players on the field. But no matter how tough the season gets, crowds still flock to Soldier Field each weekend to fill the stands and stake out tailgating spots in the parking lot. Located in the South Loop, amid some of the city's best museums, the stadium will be just as packed this fall as the Bears set off in search of their first Super Bowl championship since 2016. 

Whether you want to show off your hamburger cooking skills in the parking lot or are content to watch a game from a neighborhood bar, check out our Chicago Bears guide, where you'll find the places to eat, drink and buy t-shirts while you're cheering on your team.

South Loop bars and restaurants

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