The best chocolate desserts in KL

Sweeten things up with this list of best chocolate desserts in town
By Time Out KL editors |

Possibly the most romanticised ingredient of all time, chocolate remains an object of lust among avid foodies. Here are our favourite chocolate desserts in KL. 

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Skillet @ 163
Photo: Hizwan Hamid
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Salted caramel macadamia from Skillet @ 163

icon-location-pin KL City Centre

Go dark and moody with the Salted caramel macadamia, where heavy chocolate sponge is used as a base for salted caramel macadamias (made with Maldon sea salt), chocolate cream and dramatic flakes of dark and milk chocolate. The real star is the unassuming chocolate cream that holds everything together; two types of chocolate with semi-whipped cream folded in for an extra airy texture.

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Tahini chocolate mousse with honeycomb and peanut tuiles from Foo Foo Fine Desserts

icon-location-pin TTDI

Foo Foo's elegantly constructed chocolate dessert is rich, intense and well thought-out. The peanut tuiles provide crunch and balance against the sweetness of the chocolate and the honeycomb, and the mousse was light enough to make you forget how sinfully rich this dessert actually is! And since you're here, go for the hot chocolate (RM12), which is a dessert on its own – just right in sweetness, lightness and consistency. 

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Chocolate éclair from Art Cacao

icon-location-pin KL Sentral

An airy, light pâte à choux, filled with smooth, velvety chocolate custard and topped with thin chocolate glaze, all in an elegant, easy-to- eat Parisian pastry package – the classic chocolate éclair is a signature at Le Méridien.

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Chocolate crêpe from Salon du Chocolat

icon-location-pin Solaris Dutamas

Chocolatier Salon du Chocolat serves a short list of chocolate staples – brownies, hot chocolate and waffles – but shame on anyone who skips the chocolate crêpe: delicate, fluffy and thin, the crêpe is topped with your choice of creamy dark, milk or white chocolate. The Belgium chocolate is flavoured with in-house roasted cocoa beans, making for a decadent dessert.

Restaurants, Fusion

Sizzling brownie and oreo ice cream from Acme Bar & Coffee

icon-location-pin KL City Centre

This grand finale of a meal at Acme is all chocolate and all theatre. A rich and moist chocolate brownie sits on a hot plate and is topped with a scoop of chocolate Oreo ice cream. Then, the waiter pours hot chocolate sauce on to the dish, and everything sizzles. It’s chocolate overload; it’s hot and cold at the same time; it has crunch (from the walnuts in the brownies) and creaminess; and it’s all sticky from the reduced chocolate sauce at the bottom of the hot plate. You’d want to lick it all up.

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Warm chocolate fondant, almond crumble, pistachio ice cream from Yeast

icon-location-pin Mid Valley City

For a dessert, the plating is rather uninspiring. But it’s all in the taste. One of the best fondants we’ve eaten in KL, the layer of ‘cake’ on the outside is light, spongy and surprisingly thin, and the fondant wobbles just so slightly because of that. When you break into it, the gooey centre oozes out perfectly. This is why we order a fondant: we want it hot and rich and intense and melting.

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