Pokémon Go: Where to catch rare and powerful Pokémon in KL

Gotta catch 'em all
By Time Out KL editors |

Not sure why or where you should catch rare Pokémon? We give you the lowdown on elusive Pokémon such as Aerodactyl, Rapidash, Lapras, Snorlax and more, with tips on where to find them and how to maximise your PokéHunt.

Pokemon Go Rapidash


What's the deal: This Pokémon is straight fire – literally, it’s a Fire type. It’s an equine, quadruped Pokémon with cream fur, four slender legs and black hooves – and it has fiery reddish-yellowish flames forming its mane and tail and from its fetlocks, instead of like, hair, because flames are ballin’. Also, it has a horn on its forehead, not unlike a unicorn. Rapidash is most effective against Bug, Grass, Ice and Steel types, and it’s a competitive, high-attack Pokémon that’s majestic-looking.

Where to catch it: 1 Utama, Kepong, KLCC, Kota Damansara (specifically, KD Boardgames), Paradigm Mall, Persiaran Tropicana, The Curve. Plus, Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen KL.   

Tip: They’re said to be found at dry climates, and neighbourhoods or residential areas. Sorry, it won’t hatch from an egg. A 5km or 10km egg might hatch a Ponyta, though, so sure, there’s always the option to evolve your Ponyta to a Rapidash.

Pokemon Go Snorlax


What’s the deal: It’s the Pokémon version of Totoro: The docile, rotund and sluggish Snorlax vaguely resembles the shape of a bear, with pointed ears and teeth protruding from its lower jaw. His eyes are always closed, making it seem as if he’s always sleeping. Snorlax is able to produce special attacks like Hyper Beam, Earthquake or Body Slam when provoked but because it’s a Normal-type Pokémon, it’s usually weak against Fighting-type Pokémon like Machamp, Primeape, Machoke and Mankey. Snorlax is the embodiment of what the best life should be: eat and sleep all day.

Where to catch it: Kota Kemuning, Setia Alam, Sunway Pyramid, and some say Tesco Nilai. 

Tip: Snorlax has no clear natural habitat so there aren’t really any Snorlax nests to find one. You can try to hunt down one at the places listed above, but the reward is much sweeter when you get a Snorlax from hatching a 10km egg.

Pokemon Go Chansey


What's the deal: If you remember the TV series, Chansey is always around Nurse Joy and always comes across like a sort of mother Pokémon. Chansey is also said to bring good luck and happiness.

Where to catch it: Chansey is a rare spawn; it’s not necessarily hard to catch but it appears only for a certain amount of time during the week. One of the Pokémon trainers we talked to caught a Chansey around Mid Valley. There are rumours going around that you can find Chansey in hospitals and clinics, but for now, this is just hearsay.

Tip: Chansey is really easy to catch, even easier than the three starter Pokemon. The only difficulty is finding one. So maybe hang around hospitals or something.

Pokemon Go Jynx


What's the deal: Platinum blonde locks, thick pink lips, and a red dress complete with a yellow bra top; this humanoid Pokémon is one powerful Pokémon you should have in your arsenal. It’s an Ice/Psychic type (take that, Rapidash), which means it’s good against Flying, Grass, Ground and Dragon Pokémon. Also, there is no further evolution to Jynx.

Where to catch it: Trainers have found Jynx at Taman Tasik Cyberjaya, Ampang Point, TTDI and even Prince Court Medical Centre.

Tip: As it’s an Ice type, you’ll have a higher chance of finding them in areas closer to water. Its Psychic abilities probably explain why it can be found near hospitals as well (higher chance if you’re at those areas at night). But more than a few trainers have told us the best way to get them: 10km eggs. 

Pokemon Go Lapras


What's the deal: The dual-type Water/Ice Pokémon Lapras is a large blue sea creature with a long neck and a heavy grey shell on its back to help protect it. It barely has any weaknesses, and is able to defend against almost all other types of Pokémon with its impressive combination of Water and Ice moves. Plus, if Lapras is well known for its capabilities in defeating Dragonite, considered one of the most powerful attacking Pokémon, what more could you want.

Where to catch it: Since it’s a Water/Ice-type Pokémon, it’s only logical to assume that they’d be found near water. And they sometimes are. Rare (and we mean rare because we’ve only heard of a handful of trainers actually seeing a wild one) sightings include near the beach and on a highway next to a lake.   

Tip: Tips from high-level trainers include using incense in secluded locations near water (ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings while out hunting Pokémon, guys) and hoping one appears, or praying very hard that one hatches from that egg you just walked 10km for.

Pokemon Go Dragonite


What's the deal: It's super strong, super rare and has moves like Dragon Breath, Steel Wing, Hyper Beam and Dragon Pulse. Impressive. This light orange Flying/Dragon type is feared by all Pokémon (and their trainers who grit their teeth when they see Dragonite lording over a PokéGym).

Where to catch it: We've heard triumphant screeches from a few people at KLCC Park, and apparently Dragonite makes an appearance in Wangsa Maju too.

Tip: What with its high rarity and difficulty to catch (you won't get it from an egg too), forget about catching one. Instead, focus on getting 25 or more Dratini to evolve it into Dragonair (camp out at Titiwangsa Lake for a day; apparently Dratini is more commonly found there). From Dragonair, it takes another 100 Dratini candies to evolve into Dragonite and there you go, you'll finally be able to show it off to your friends at your next hunt.

Pokemon Go Aerodactyl


What’s the deal: King of the skies and also one of the hardest to catch, Aerodactyl is a Rock-type Pokémon (from the dinosaur ages) and a very rare spawn. It’s grey and purple with large wings, a wide mouth with a lower jaw covered with jagged fangs – its bite is one if its most powerful moves. Aerodactyl is more effective against Bug, Fire, Flying and Ice types and has one of the highest base attacks. You’re allowed to brag after you get your hands on this one.

Where to catch it: Look out for open spaces – try KLCC, Mid Valley or Kuchai Lama (behind NSK Trade City). It all comes down to luck as we heard someone caught one just by walking along the streets of KL.

Tip: Make sure you have a lot of Poké Balls with you as they’re fast. Or you can also hatch one from a 10km egg – don’t forget your Fitbit to rack up steps. 

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