Quiz: can you name these cities as seen from above?

Vincent Laforet has been photographing the world's cities for his new book, 'AIR.' But can you match each city to the photo?
Aerial photography of various cities. From the AIR book by Vincent LaForet
© Vincent Laforet

Vincent Laforet's fabulous new book of aerial photography, AIR, is in shops from Dec 1. See if you can name which cities he flew over using the photos below...

[All images © Vincent Laforet, courtesy Fahey/Klein, Los Angeles.]

1) Let's warm up with an easy one. Which city is this?

Vincent Laforet, AIR

2) Where are we now?

Vincent Laforet, AIR

3) How about here?

Vincent Laforet, AIR

4) Does this grid seem familiar?

Vincent Laforet, AIR

5) Recognise this towering town?

Vincent Laforet, AIR

6) There's a clue here for sports fans...

Vincent Laforet, AIR.

7) Where's this city?

Vincent Laforet, AIR

8) Where do these skyscrapers remind you of?

Vincent LaForet, AIR

9) Almost there. Any guesses for this one?

Vincent Laforet, AIR

10) And finally, where are these lot driving?

Underground tunnel
Easy, tiger - You've missed one or more questions!

The correct answers were: London, Sydney, Las Vegas, Barcelona, New York City, Chicago, Berlin, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


See more of Vincent's photography on his website or in his luxurious, 223-page photo book, ‘AIR’ – available from Amazon for £45:

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