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Crystal Palace Park

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5 out of 5 stars
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Crystal Palace Park dinosaur
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Time Out says

Children going through the dinosaur phase always enjoy a visit to 'the monsters' - five dinosaur sculptures that lurk among the trees around the lake. The remains of a Victorian pre-historic theme park created on the site by Benjamin Waterhouse-Hawkins, the dinosaurs were restored in 2003.



Address: Thicket Rd
SE20 8DT
Transport: Rail: Crystal Palace
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 7.30am-9.30pm, Sat-Sun 9am-9.30pm
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Users say (42)

5 out of 5 stars

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Great place for a day out of its sunny-- with plenty of places to picnic and stretch out. Yes the dinosaurs are definitely awesome and yes you should check them out. They also do roller derby in the park  (The London RollerGirls are #1 in Europe at the moment!) so do check and see if they are playing and support them! 


This park is immense and a great space for family picnics or for the kids to have a run around.

I visited to check out the dinosaurs that were put in the park by the Victorians as an added attraction and they're lovely to see even though they look a tad odd and out dated. I thought the dinosaurs would be huge but was a tad disappointed to find that they're not that huge and that you can't get close to them. Still fascinating to see what the Victorians thought dinosaurs looked like.

This park is a lovely day out on a summer day and you can even walk to the site where Crystal Palace itself used to stand. Really interesting in that regard.


It's hard to believe this wonderful park is tucked away where it is. My niece is 2 and loves running around here, the childrens playpark has a variety of fun things to play, climb and run along. The dinosair park was a lovely walk and a chance to take some nice pictures, and there is also a puppet show their every week during the summer.


This is a magical park, with a mixture of open green spaces and woodland areas. The small farm kept the kids entertained for about half an hour, which had goats, sheep, rabbits and all manner of insects. The play park has a big sandpit as well as the usual swings and slide. On the day we went some of the park was closed for a festival so we didn't get to do the maze or see the sphinx but we did see the dinosaurs, which were pretty cool!


Crystal palace area is such a good area on its own, full of vintage shops, great cake shops and brunch places. This wonder of a park is like cherry on top.

Humongous and random- entering it from the top walking down you can see great views of London…and sphinx… because why not right? Never ending green is great for a day out, you will see plenty of families and their dogs running around. There is a maze, which was just as surprising, but somehow very entertaining and not that hard to get out of, luckily. You will see plenty of wildlife- fish, squirrels laying out in the sun and we even got to see baby ducks in the pond. There are of course the Dinosaur statues which are funny but signature theme of the park. All in all, perfect park for a sunny day out and big enough to avoid overcrowding.

I've been visiting this park since I was a child and believed that the dinosaurs were real and these large sculptures still evoke the same wonder and excitement as they did 20 odd years ago.

The ironic thing about these dinosaurs is that since their restoration in 2003, new information boards have been erected stating that most, if not all models are not true replicas yet they are still as scary and lifelike to the many children who visit this park every day. 

Alongside the dinosaurs are a large boating lake, a maze and cafe whilst the park itself which is full of all types of wildlife, is perfect for long walks or games. 


If you can get on a working Overground train on the weekend take a trip to Crystal Palace park. I don’t care how old you are, who doesn’t want to see giant model dinosaurs (disclaimer: they don't look like no Jurassic Park dinos). And if that doesn’t float your boat, you can literally go float in a boat, in a pond. Still not sold, there’s a maze - a real life maze! My only advice, wait until summer to do the maze - walking round leafless 5 foot hedges is less exciting/challenging.


If you are searching for a quiet place to meditate, think, study, walk, or simply escape from the chaos of the city centre and dive into nature, you should try Crystal Palace Park. The park is very big and easy to reach from London city centre, indeed, you can easily get there through the London Overground, hopping off at Crystal Palace station (less than 1 min walking from the park). The most amazing part of this park are the dinosaurs statues, attraction for both adults and children alike, which were built in lieu of the London Great Exhibition of 1851 (they were built in 1854 though). The statues are placed in a forest-like setting, and are close to life-size dimensions. There are models of: Iguanodon, Ichthyosaurus, Megalosaurus and Teleosaurus, with relating plates explaining to the most curious where and when did they live in Prehistoric times. Children are the ones who will probably be more surprised, as they are able to see 3D models of species they might be able to see only on books or through 3D digital reconstructions in Natural History museums. But this is not the only thing that Crystal Palace Park has to offer, indeed, there is also a museum detailing what Crystal Palace was and dealing with the Great Exhibition; and nature. You can easily see squirrels, fish, ducks like the Mallard and the Moorhen, Herons, Swans and the famous Canada Goose (but beware, you cannot and should not feed any of the animals, as they have a specific diet to follow). 


A lovely and beautifully landscaped park with impressive views over the city. I forget how high above sea level crystal palace is. In the shape of a shield, it boasts cafes, mother and toddler meetups and probably the most famous of all are the dinasaurs which dominate the south west quarter of the park. On sunny days be prepared for crowds, but come rain or shine there is a lot to see and no end of things to appreciate including walk, lots of open space and things to investigate with the kids, to being a stones throw away from Crystal Palace centre for lunch. Enjoy.


An unexpectedly large park with beautiful views of London from the highest point. Great walking routes that are ideal for runners / cyclist / kids on scooters and lots of large green open spaces for games and picnics.

There's a small cafe in the park as well as access to sports facilities and a boating lake. This park is a wonderful place from dinosaur sculptures in one corner, to a boating lake and beautiful views.

Great place to venture for various reasons. The surroundings so peaceful from a nature perspective...great for meditation.

One of the best green spaces in London and green space improves everyone's quality of life more than anything.

Great combination of lovely green space, children's activities, a maze and those incredible dinosaurs!

Crystal Palace Park is a nice spot in South London. A green area perfect to play with your children, run or walk around

Huge green space which thankfully appears to have avoided the ill conceived idea to rebuild a Crystal Palace with no idea what to put in it. Investment has still come, with improved cafe, refurbished dinosaurs, and a reliably consistent calendar of funfairs and fireworks for local families.

Have been coming in here for years! Dinosaurs, children's zoo, boating lake, guy the gorilla statue, ruins of crystal palace, this lovely park should be preserved the crystal palace especially.


Crystal Palace Park is a Victorian Pleasure ground located in the South-East London in the suburb of, you guessed it, Crystal Palace.

It’s big and vast as you’d come to expect from a London Park but Crystal Palace Park has one thing that all the other London parks hasn’t got: dinosaurs. Yes, really. Move over Jurassic Park!

Admittedly they’re not real rather disappointingly. They’re sculptures of the prehistoric beasts. Nevertheless, it is still good fun to follow the dino trail, and if you have the little ones in tow, they’re sure to love it too. Did you know these dinosaurs have been around since the Victorian era?

But that’s not all. You can explore all 200 acres of the park. Along the way, you’ll come across a maze, an Egyptian sphinx, a lake reservoir and even a small farm.

It’s a great place to come on a summer’s day for a picnic or to play footie, whatever you’re into and it’s also quite literally around the corner from Crystal Palace Overground station which makes it easy to get to.


It's an astoundingly huge park full of nature and fun for all the family. Where do you start with this park, there are so many entrances to get in. Once you do it's a great morning or afternoon spent walking your dog, riding your bike, having a jog, e.t.c. Crystal Palace Park has very interesting and peculiar ornamental statues, beautiful views and pools.

It's an incredible spacious park for all fun activities for children. During the summer I know that they run fantastic sport activities and events for young adventurers. The tennis court is a must for all people interested training and playing a good game of tennis. It's a park to have fun, relax and have a little bit of adventure. An area to have an afternoon lunch, while the weather is the best in Crystal Palace Park. Have fun and walk around. #TOTastemaker Love MD.


Worth going for in a nice weather. We went on Good Friday and it was lovely. Very specious park, not that many people surprisingly. I had a lovely nice walk in the park without really knowing where to go or what's in it. Took some funny pics of the statues. However, and it's not very clear from other reviews about the park, you can't take pics with the dinosaur statues! :( Haha but it's ok. Plenty of room to chill on the grass, activities for kids, a nice lake and more. Would recommend for families! 


First of, there’s the lake where you can hire a boat for you and your family to float around. Then, there’s this bit with hilariously out-dated sculptures of dinosaurs from the 1850s. (Kids love it, I’m not sure why.) In the middle you will find a sports centre. And at the top, the ruins of the Crystal Palace Palace and gardens, with amazing Egyptian-inspired statues.

This park is like patchwork. But funny enough it works and makes for a great walk because you discover different bits and experience different vibes. I like it! With loads of open space as well, you can find a perfect spot to chill out during a sunny afternoon.

moderatorStaff Writer

DINOSAURS! What I didn't know was these weren't some thrown together fiberglass dinosaurs from the 1970s. Instead, this was the first ever 3D depiction of dinosaurs by the guy who discovered them back in the Victorian era. People thought he was making it up. Kind of amazing.

Rest of the park has some nice bits although it's a bit randomly laid out? Also, see how many statues with their heads cut off you can find. Sinister.


Crystal Palace park is huge with lots of interesting different areas. My personal favourite is the trail around the dinosaurs. There is also a boating lake and children's play area.

My least favourite part of the park is the exorbitant price of refreshments. £2.50 for a Magnum, £3 for a cup of tea. Outrageous. All of the outlets (cafe, ice cream vans, stalls) are owned by the same company so everything is the same price. The toilets are also abismal.

If you come with a pic nic and a cast iron bladder, it's a great place to spend the day :)

Fabulous park that caters for everyone from those athletes training weekly on the track to mums and dads having a picnic with their children in the playground or those that just want to take in the panoramic view from the top. Love this area!

Unpolished gem of a park. Can't wait for some investment to bring it back to it's former glory

A maze, Dinosaurs, pedaloes, playground, petting farm, gig venue, history, culture, mass open spaces, park run, café, sports centre, the transmitters, 3 swimming pools, fishing lakes, best toboggining venue ever, open to have large parties and tents, events all year from fireworks to film festivals - it's the reason I rarely make the 20 min journey to zone 1 at weekends. I have a lot of love for this park - Dinosaurs people Dinosaurs!

A wonderful heritage park that needs more investment - not being sold off to developers, Mr Boris Johnson!!!

"come on...who else has dinosaurs living in their local park?" perfect for a "first date stroll on a Sunday afternoon, getting to know you...."

Staff Writer

DINOSAURS! This place has large dinosaur statues. Enough said.

It also has incredible views of London and plenty of green and play space. At the centre is the sports centre with full athletics track and Olympic size swimming pool.

moderatorStaff Writer

What a beautiful place to hang out. Whether you've got kids or not, the sculpture park of anatomically incorrect Victorian dinosaurs is a pleasure to wander around. Playground is also a cut above with it's sandpit and dinosaurs.

Staff Writer

Sure, there are a lot of parks in London. Sure, most of them have statues and ponds and grass and stuff, but how many have dinosaurs? DINOSAURS. Not actual dinosauras, of course – this isn't Jurassic Park (though if anyone wants to build one in London – preferably south east London – that would be great, thanks). But I'm going to go ahead and say it's the closest thing to Jurassic Park on the planet. So yeah, the dinosaurs are pretty amazing (even though they're not real), and hey, the park itself is marvellous too. There's grass, a big pond with pedalos, hills and very often lots of great dogs, too. Did I mention the dinosaurs? I hear they come alive when the park shuts at night. Love this place.

Staff Writer

A huge green park with lots to see and do. There are lots of large open areas to play games and have a picnic. A well-equipped childrens' playground with a huge sandpit. I recommend taking a walk around the dinosaur area which has lovely waterfalls and streams to look at.  Also take a visit to the farm if you have young children. All in all there's something for everyone.

Must go see the dinosaur park. Sculptures made by Sir RIchard Owen who was the scientist who first named and classed them as Dinosaurs!

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