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Hyde Park

Attractions, Sightseeing Hyde Park
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Diana's memorial fountain (Andrew Brackenbury / Time Out)
Andrew Brackenbury / Time Out
7/7 Memorial (Michelle Grant / Time Out)
Michelle Grant / Time Out
Animals in war statue (Heloise Bergman / Time Out)
Heloise Bergman / Time Out
Lake (Jonathan Perugia / Time Out)
Jonathan Perugia / Time Out
Statue (Michelle Grant / Time Out)
Michelle Grant / Time Out

Time Out says

At 1.5 miles long and about a mile wide, Hyde Park is one of the largest of London's Royal Parks. The land was appropriated in 1536 from the monks of Westminster Abbey by Henry VIII for hunting deer and, despite opening to the public in the early 1600s, was only frequented by the upper echelons of society. London's oldest boating lake, The Serpentine, is at the bottom of Hyde Park. It's not especially beautiful but is home to ducks, coots, swans and tufty-headed grebes, and is also of great historic interest. It was a hotspot for mass demonstrations in the nineteenth century and remains so today. The legalisation of public assembly in the park led to the establishment of Speakers' Corner in 1872 (close to Marble Arch tube), where political and religious ranters – sane and otherwise – still have the floor. The park perimeter is popular with skaters, as well as with bike riders and horse riders. If you're exploring on foot and the vast expanses defeat you, look out for the Liberty Drives (May-Oct). Driven by volunteers (there's no fare, but offer a donation if you can), these electric buggies pick up groups of sightseers and ferry them around. The Joy of Life fountain, next to Aldford Street North Gate, alongside Park Lane, is a popular spot for splashing around in when the weather heats up.



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Transport: Tube: Marble Arch
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Sure, this is the busiest park ever. But it is also the best park in central London ever.

With loads of green space and the possibility to hire sun loungers, this is the best place to enjoy a nice sunny British summer afternoon. The Serpentine lake is lovely and a nice sight to look at when sipping on your cold beverage. You can even rent a boat for a little trip. With ice-creams parlours and toilets around, you’ll have all you need to have the best of time!

Hyde Park is located next to Kensington Gardens and serves more as a recreational park for the people of London.  It has very large green space in and around the area for picnics, pick up games and more.  There are a few cart vendors too where you can grab a coffee and pastry! 


Although Hyde Park is another Royal London Park, it sadly never comes immediately to mind for a weekend walk and relax. It’s become so strongly associated to the annual Winter Wonderland and other big events like Barclaycard’s British Summer Time that I never properly appreciate it for being a park. As a venue setting, it is fantastic, so much space for events with multiple features!


The park of all London parks. What makes Hyde Park special is that its been the site of Olympic celebrations, film nights, epic gigs - Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Blur, to name but a few. And if that doesn’t float your boat maybe a pedalo in the Serpentine will.


How have I lived in London for twenty years and never been for a paddle in a pedalo on the Serpentine?! 

Seems I have not lived before now, I literally took a summer holiday on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in the middle of my own city. Everyone must do this once, perfect romantic date, the pedalos are easily manoeuvred by two and carry up to 4 people, £10 for half an hour per person so not cheap however we were out for nearly and hour and no one really seemed to mind, would definitely recommend a mid week afternoon/early evening. They are available until around 6.30/7pm depending on how busy they are on week days. 

Highly recommend this for anytime of day on a beautiful sunny day in summer... especially after work. Organise a picnic with friends and a few cheeky drinks by the lake for the most relaxing experience, A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle in a busy city..


Such a lovely walk whatever the weather. Enjoyed the lakes to feed the ducks and also you can hire rowboats which was lovely and romantic :)

The gardens are well kept and pretty and in the summer you can hire a deckchair for a chill with friends. There is a lovely restaurant in the centre and plenty of refreshment stands. Always some activity going on. Perfect to get some escapism out of the London rush!


Hyde Park is a real breath of fresh air and nature in the heart of busy London. Always very popular, it's very pleasant to walk through its aisles at any time of the year. Every season offers a different colours show and displays. It's also the perfect place for outdoor activities such cycling, running....and more relax ones as chilling out and simply enjoying a picnic with friends in Summertime.


Hyde park is vast. Epitomises London park life at its best. Perfect for runners, rollerbladers, cyclists. Leisurely strolls along the serpentine or boating if you feel brave enough. Witness the occasional boot camp going on. Enjoy picnics, games of frisbee and rounders. Hosts many music festivals in summer months and winter wonderland.


There's no other way to say it; Hyde Park is the best park in London. Sprawling and always full of atmosphere, I feel there's always something new to check out everytime I enter the space. Whether it's in the crowds in the heat of summer or the slight gloom that befalls it on darker days, it's a lovely place to snap photos. You'll find everything, from yoga enthusiasts, to dog walkers, to confused tourists. There's nothing quite like an afternoon spent in Hyde Park, and in these last vestiges of summer, you'd regret not popping down at least once to catch some rays and a few hours lounging on the plains. 

Simply the best park in the world. I recommend the Serpentine, I love spending my time there, looking at the lake and relaxing myself. It doesn't even look like London, it makes you feel like you are at the sea, completely far from the crowded city. There are a lot of things to do as well: you can have an hot dog, skating or skateboarding, rent a little boat, have a picnic, but my favourite entertainment is sitting and looking at people doing this activities. 

Another very nice part is the 'Italian garden', which looks like a little oasis in the middle of the nature. 

Basically in Hyde Park you could spend a whole day without getting bored. 

Spectacular! This is one of my favorite parks. I occasionally ride my bicycle through this park, I love the fact that it connects to Green park. The only thing I do not like sometime is the crowd in the summer. 


Try going in the early or late hours to appreciate London's vivid skylines without falling over quite so many tourists. Although the area is expansive it does get incredibly busy in the summer months when all of London's vitamin D deficient mammals hastily flock towards any sight of green and proceed to start stripping off as much as possible. 


Lovely park just not a scenic as some of the other parks london has to offer. The swans are very agressive as well.


I have a love-hate relationship with this park. Love because it's huge, great for running around and I'm super grateful that we have so many excellent parks in central London. When you think about the real estate value of that park, we should count our lucky stars it's still there! Hate because it often hosts massive events like Winter Wonderland and music concerts in the Summer - which brings huge crowds and it completely loses its park feel. That said, I understand money needs to be made. I just hope it doesn't continue to add more and more events to the annual calendar to the point where it becomes a venue, rather than a green space. 


Hyde Park is beautiful. 

Even now, in the depths of winter, when they're re-seeding the grass and it's cold and the most populous inhabitants of the park are pigeons, it's worth a visit to fill your lungs with fresh(ish) air and appreciate nature in the heart of London. 

Perfect for events in the summer (picnics, festivals, race for life - to name a few) and a bracing stroll in winter, Hyde Park is one of the best places to visit in London and it's absolutely free. 

Favourite Hyde Park sighting this weekend: Two men smoking shisha out of a pipe shaped like an AK-47. Nonchalantly. As you do. 


I love this park because of many things, firstly it's location, it's located right in the heart of London, a 5 minute stroll from Oxford st. This makes it ideal for a quick getaway from the city. Secondly, its hardly ever crowded, sure there's many people so it doesn't feel lonely, but more importantly you're free to your own space which is a nice change from the tube. Thirdly, there's always something going on. Because it is so close to the center it is a top contender for events such as the British Summer Time Festival and Winter Wonderland. It's always nice to find something unexpected going on. And lastly, it is very well maintained which is very different from Hampstead Heath for example, which is still beautiful but a lot more wild.

Staff Writer

Sure, there are trees in London but you don’t generally get a sense of the seasons unless you head out of town. Hampstead Heath will give you a countryside-in-London experience but Hyde Park, because of its location and size (you’re close by if you’re in Selfridges on Oxford Street, Harvey Nicks in Knightsbridge, or even High Street Kensington) is the one place bang in the centre of London where you can kid yourself you’re in the sticks. There are plenty of attractions – the boating lake, the Diana Memorial Fountain, the amazing Serpentine Galleries (a little confusingly, Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park merge together). But you can easily get from the hoards in summer. Or walk the perimeter (about six miles) to get a flavour of changing London neighbourhoods.

moderatorStaff Writer

Quite simply one of the best parks in a metropolis anywhere on planet earth - the sheer size of it right in the heart of London is impressive enough, but venture into the park around the Serpentine and you're bound to fall in love with this piece of green and pleasant land. When the sun shines and the temperature goes up, the lakes can get a little busy but there's much more space than you'd find on Brighton beach in July, plus you don't get sand everywhere. Granted the traffic can be a shocker but get on a Boris bike and enjoy the full extent of the park. For those of an athletic nature, the 6 odd mile circumnavigation makes for one of the best runs in London.

Every time I went London I always ended up with taking a stroll around Hyde Park. I could be because it is so central. Whenever you need a rest from the traffic and the noise, just a short stroll into the park, and you feel that you are a million miles away from London.

Hyde Park is great, but it lacks one feature near the Serpentine which is a bandstand. It would be great to have live ensembles performing in the park on a regular basis. My band was sponsored to perform on the bandstand at Finsbury Sq in the City of London and the crowds gathered during their lunch period and enjoyed it. The same can be done in Hyde Park if someone takes the initiative and arranges it. What type of music would you like to hear during your lunch period if you went to the park? Send your answer via this website

Came for a day trip to London last year, the most relaxing and enjoyable part was the stroll around Hyde Park. We sat and had a picnic by the lake then fed the ducks. We also had a stroll around Diana's memorial fountain...Beautiful :-) Putting it simple, Strolling around Hyde Park is a must do for anybody visiting London!!

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