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The Isabella Plantation
Richmond Park

Richmond Park is the largest of the Royal Parks, occupying some 2,500 acres. There are hundreds of red and fallow deer roaming free across it, presumably much happier without having to listen out for the 'View halloo!' of one of Henry VIII's hunting parties. Within the park's bounds are the Palladian splendour of White Lodge and Pembroke Lodge, childhood home to philosopher Bertrand Russell and now a café. From the park's highest point, there are unobstructed views of St Paul's Cathedral, over 12 miles in the distance.


Venue name: Richmond Park
Address: Kings Rd
TW10 5HS
Transport: Tube: Richmond
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What an amazing park! As King Henry viii's largest hunting grounds this historic park provides endless green space to breathe and escape the busy London city centre. Stunning views, amazing wildlife and conservation efforts create a well looked after park. It's so special seeing the deer roam about the park however everyone must remember during breeding season the deer might be aggressive if approached. It is hard getting to Richmond Park and around so be prepared for a day of walking. Also this park gets extremely busy so try and avoid weekends if you are driving into the park grounds as cars clog the roads in and out of the area. I big must-see for those wanting to escape the noise and people in London.

Stephanie C

Three of us old school pals along with a two year old decided to meet in Richmond Park for a little walk and a play on the swings. That was the intention…. Was nothing like what we expected! First off I don’t think Richmond park is very accessible without a car, I took the train but its quite far off from the park and so I was lucky a pal picked me up. We also found it troublesome to find the car park as its not very well signposted but by serendipitous luck we ended up parking not to far from each other. We were started by having a spot of lunch on picnic tables near the big house. We paid a grand £18 for 4 drinks, 2 sausage sandwiches, one soup and one cheese and onion pasty. I actually thought this was good value as later on we had 3 slices of cake and 3 bottles of fizzy water and that was £14.50. We rambled along the park. It is in sections divided by roads. Be careful trying to cross! You have to judge the speed of the cars and the bikes! Anyway once you have done that, the deer are amazingly tame and its easy to take amazing pictures of them. Its feels like miles and miles of undulating land which is beautiful and full of love no matter what the season is. Parking is free and there was a same sex marriage ceremony on a the same time we visited the house to buy cake. Lovely place to take people visiting London and a lovely place to escape central London. Warning, I can image the traffic and parking to be terrible when the weather is amazing. 

Lise M

Love Richmond Park! It's the perfect place if you want to enjoy a bit of countryside only 30 minutes away from Central London. It's completely different than Hyde Park or Regent's Park which have tidy gardens. This one is stunning at any time of the year offering hectares of forests and meadows where you can meet walkers, joggers, cyclists, riders as well as magnificent herds of wild deers. If you're a photographer or a wildlife lover, I highly recommend visiting this place early morning as it's absolutely magical and peaceful.


Richmond Park makes you realise how special London is. Beautiful stags right on your doorstep, miles of greenery, and stunning flora in the Isabella plantation. This is one of my favourite places in the world - I just wish it was more readily accessible without a car!

Violet M

After wanting to go for ages, finally visited Richmond Park. With great luck, it was a beautiful day for a walk – nice autumn chill but with sun, leaves just browning and falling. Jane Austen would have swooned.

Richmond Park was absolutely serene and lovely and wonderful. There’s nothing bad to say. Deer were abound, there were giant mushrooms growing, and even though there were lots of people there, you could easily get lost and find solitude if you wanted it.

Really a must-visit if you’re in London. So nice to get out of the hustle and bustle sometimes!

And, seriously, I’m going to find a guy, have him dress up as Mr. Darcy and walk through the woods one day (See Pride & Prejudice, directed by Joe Wright 2005 to know what I’m blathering about).

Alana R

To get away from all the London hustle and bustle, escape to Richmond park where the deer run free and so can you. With the beautiful autumnal colours and vast amount of space to get lost in, you can seriously feel the change in air. Bring a picnic and sit by one of the lakes and just about reality. 


You don't feel as if you're in London as soon as you step foot in Richmond Park. With a vast amount of space, you might not see anyone else for the duration of your walk which is part of its charm... complete escapism. Look out for the deer and the green parakeets which live in the park. It's the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Staff Writer

Richmond Park in one word means SERENITY! get away from central London on 20 min by tube towards west and enjoy the most beautiful park where you can enjoy scene of wild life with wild deer, geese and squirrels leaving in harmony altogether in the surroundings of Richmond Park's ponds and trees...absolutely beautiful and relaxing, a perfect place for fresh air, change your mind and rewind!


It’s hard to believe such simple serenity could be sought just twenty minutes from the city! Finding a nice sunny patch of long grass to sit, picnic, and watch the deer is the ideal set up – it’s the perfect way to escape the crowds and get back to nature. Add the bold splash of colour from the beautiful flowers in the Isabella Plantation and the calming feel of the Pen Ponds (both within the park) and you’ve got the perfect, scenic daytrip!

We always get a Santander bike from Putney and ride to the park – it means you can cover more ground, go in search of more deer and access areas cars can’t.

(Here's a photo my boyfriend @TrentNattrass snapped of me with the deer!)


Richmond Park is on the very outskirts of London, however reasonable easy to get to by tube or National Rail. Created for Henry VIII hunting parties it is filled with deer that roam around the entire park. It is the perfect place to take the dog for a walk, though keep an eye with stags around. Richmond town isn't far away, but both the park and the town can get very busy during holidays and weekends. Well worth and trip to see some amazing sights and enjoy the opportunity to be out of the city for a day.


Love this park!!

I mean first off, there are wild deer roaming around. Who doesn’t want to see wild deer? Especially when it’s birthing season and you can see babies. Baby deer – what more do you want? Seriously?

The park also has lots of areas you can explore. There’s Pembroke lodge for huge scones and amazing views over the hills, a beautiful lake, the gorgeous Isabella plantation with incredible flowers and even a spot that overlooks the London skyline in the distance.

Plus, it’s massive so no feeling like you’re too close to your neighbours – changes from London fields on a sunny day.

Ros A

Richmond Park is one of the city's biggest and best parks but it is out west, quite far from the madding crowd. You'll be sharing the park with wild deer, who roam free about the place. It's leafy, hilly and good for cycling as well as walking, running or general lounging. 

Livvi AT

Are you tired of the constant delays on the Northern line, having to tackle tourists to the ground to actually get anywhere on time and the fact that when you blow your nose, sometimes the result is black? If so, you need an immediate dosage of countryside air and there is no better place to feel so far away from London in London than Richmond Park.With thousands acres of beautiful green scenery, glistening lakes and wildlife such as the much instagrammed deer, Richmond Park is the perfect place to spend a weekend.

Take a walk with friends and try to cover it’s 2500 acres of land and spot a stag. Or if you are feeling more adventurous, hire a bike and take advantage of those exhaust free paths. There is also Stag Lodge riding school close by if you really want to reconnect with nature with a relaxing hack. And don’t worry; you won’t completely forget you are in London with the stunning view across the capital where you can see St Paul’s and The London Eye. And with Richmond, Putney and Twickenham all nearby the park’s many exits, there are a plethora of cosy pubs you can end your walk with a pint in. 

Lucy H

My favourite place in London, my happy place, the place where I have trained for two marathons, spotted countless celebrities, met Rudolph, enjoyed picnics, watched the sunset and enjoyed children testing out new toys at Christmas. This place is worth a visit no matter what time of year.


Somewhere near Kew Gardens, Richmond Park is the perfect option if you don't want to depart with the best part of £20. Home to a group of deer and the best view of the London skyline, Richmond Park is pleasantly surprising and beautiful all year round. With woodlands, lakes, open spaces and meadows, none of the other Royal Parks even come close to this. Stunning whatever the weather and just the right level of sure to arrive by train just so you can do the walk along the terrace which over looks the Thames Valley/Twickenham too!


6am: riding my bike through Richmond Park on my way to work is the best start to a working morning, with the deer, the Jay birds and the sunrise. Heaven in the city.

Emma C

Simply the biggest and most beautiful park of London. Nothing compares or comes close to its blooms in summer, it's wild woodlands and unbeatable views on a snowy day.

Abigail F

Just stunning, whatever the weather. A constantly changing wildlife-haven that it is a privilege to have access to, and all just a few miles from the city centre. The daily walk with the dog here is what keeps me sane. Head to the middle if you want some peace and quiet; don't go too close to the deer (there's a reason why you won't see the locals trying to cuddle them...) and treat yourself to the best bacon sarnie for miles from Pete's trailer by Pen Ponds car park.

Covent G

The vast expanse of this outrageously beautiful park with wild and cultivated areas belies the intimacy of it. We locals love to keep it of the beaten track. Just love this park!

Natalie H

London's greatest park! The perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city


A vast park in a gorgeous part of London - with roaming deer to boot. Plenty of space for an afternoon nap, a game of frisbee, or a frolic with a dog.

Adam N

Are you a dog and is your name Fenton? If yes, you will enjoy this park. Are you a human? If yes, you will also enjoy this park. Lovely scenery, all the deer around you could ever hope to chase, lakes, the Isabella Plantation, amazing for riding your bike around either on the dirt tracks around the outside or on the relatively quiet roads, skating, picnics, the park has it all. Take a short stroll from here to the Thames and have a walk by the river to Richmond town centre - lovely.

Steve B
Staff Writer

The most beautiful park in London without a doubt. Provides a great view of London on a clear day, by Richmond Hill