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The View from the Shard

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3 out of 5 stars
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David HedgesUltra trendy party goers dance the night away at the first ever silent disco in The View from The Shard, the visitor attraction at the top of Western Europe’s tallest building, 3rd December 2013. Music lovers use wifi headphones to enjoy their own music mix while dancing the night away over 1000ft above the capital.
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Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Stand with your head in the clouds and see London from the top of the tallest tower in Western Europe

In 2012, Italian architect Renzo Piano transformed London’s skyline with a strange but striking structure. Despite its glassy, futuristic look, the huge pyramid that is The Shard (now the capital’s tallest tower) was in fact influenced by the London of old. Piano took inspiration from the eighteenth-century spires he’d seen in artworks by Venetian landscape painter Canaletto.

Reaching 244 metres from the ground, The Shard was built with everything in mind: offices, homes, hotels, bars, restaurants and, of course, the alluring viewing platform. From the highest point the public are allowed access (floors 69-72) you get stunning 360° views of the city. There’s also a weekly silent disco up there on Saturday nights and other events, such as Sky-High Yoga or film screenings.

If you’re intending to get up to The View at The Shard you don’t have to plan too far ahead because it’s open every day. Ok, it’s closed on Christmas Day, but apart from that it’s open 10am-10pm: Every. Single. Day. And you don’t have to wait until you get to the tip for the excitement to begin, as your journey starts the minute you step foot in the lift. Look up, because screens in the ceiling provide fascinating facts and hypnotic visuals as you hurtle skywards to floor 69. From here you can explore three more levels by foot (don’t worry, there is another lift if you can’t manage the stairs), with walls of windows providing an incredible backdrop. On a good day views stretch as far as 40 miles away (that’s as far as Southend-on-Sea).

Walk all the way round floors 68 and 69, then head up to the 72nd-floor skydeck – an open-air platform. Use the specially designed touchscreen telescopes to see the sights in greater detail, get information about the views in a choice of ten languages, and click to see the same view in day, night, sunrise and sunset conditions.

There are often a variety of special installations here too, in case the view isn’t enough to wow you on its own. Previously The Shard has hosted a summer garden with over 2,000 plants and flowers, a winter wonderland created by gastro-wizards Bompas & Parr, and a VR machine that simulated sliding down the side of the humungous structure.

On the last Sunday of every month the Museum of London’s team are on hand for a free ‘Objects in Focus’ session where you can handle objects from their collection, including items discovered on an archaeological dig at the 2012 Olympic site. Suitable for all ages, the drop-in session runs 10.30am to 4pm and is free to all ticket-holding visitors. You can also buy a Day & Night Experience ticket, which allows you to visit during the morning or afternoon and return to the View the evening on the same day.

Book tickets here


By: Laura Lee Davies



Address: Joiner St
Transport: Tube: London Bridge
Price: £25.95, £20.95 student, £29.95 disabled (one carer free), £19.95 under-16s, £74.95 family. Day & Night £35.95, champagne visit £33.95
Opening hours: Apr 1–Oct 24 daily 10am–10pm (last entry 9.30pm). Oct 25–Mar 31 Mon–Wed, Sun 10am–7pm (last entry 6pm); Thu–Sat 10am–10pm (last entry 9pm)
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Yes, it’s expensive. Yes, it’s shamelessly touristy. But it’s a completely unique view of London. And think about how often you pay to do these sorts of things in other peoples’ cities!

Herded through like the indomitable touists we are, pausing to take the obligatory group shot for additional merchandising, a speedy lift journey whizzes you to very close to the top of Europe’s tallest building.  

I visited late afternoon in late September, which is ideal to watch the changing of the light play over the city.

And the view is absolutely incredible.

It’s remarkable to peer down at the miniscule people scurrying across London Bridge, and the boats charging up the Thames, whilst the clouds drift slowly past – I felt an enormous sense of calm and wellbeing which is somewhat elusive in London.  

Don’t forget your camera – everyone else certainly didn’t.  


The view from the Shard is great, but the restaurants and bars are overwhelmingly expensive, and pretty discourteous. You have to book, and the drinks are outrageously expensive. Having said that, it’s a great experience and a fun date-night.


This is definitely one of the better if not the best view in London. Even as somebody who has a great fear of heights, the view was impressive and is certainly somewhere I would bring tourists and come back again myself. It is fairly expensive to go up to the viewing gallery but I guess the developer has to make the vast sums of money spent constructing the shard back eh? Overall this is one of THE iconic landmarks in the whole of Europe and possibly the world, so paying up and ticking it off your list is the only thing you can do.


I can see why the View from the Shard is a popular attraction but at £30 a ticket on the day, I just don't feel the hefty price tag is justified. I was fortunate to tag along for free during a work visit but wouldn't return on my own, unless it was for a special occasion. While the views are impressive, you'd be better off visiting Sky Garden across the river for free to take in the equally impressive views amongst the really lovely greenery.


I think this is worth the money, I'll say it. Not the most popular of opinions, but hear me out. I have to say that the views are really incredible, and the little viewscope things up there make it easy to find particular landmarks and features. Those things are pretty cool in their own right. Anywho, I really enjoyed scaling the different levels available to you as part of the ticket, and seeing how different each one was. Seriously, I know it's the same view, but it just feels different from ten feet further up, etc. Okay? When my friend and I went there, it was Wimbledon time, so we were able to take a seat next to the windows on some astroturf and enjoy a glass of champagne and some strawberries and cream. It was really something special, so I'd say book a visit when there's something on.  


There are great views all round in the Shard, with London looking like a model village.  It is a bit expensive, so I would recommend looking for a special offer, but it is definitely worth a visit.  You can stay as long as you like, so I would recommend it over the London Eye.

One thing that I found annoying was the dirt on the windows and reflection.  There are great views below, but it was really difficult to get a clear picture.  I was looking forward to doing some sunset/nighttime shots, but I found there was too much reflection.

I was just about to go back down after my latest visit and a member of staff said 'have you checked out our special toilets?'  Always one to see an unusual toilet, I went to have a look and was not disappointed.  The cubicle had floor to ceiling windows!  Even though the chances of a helicopter flying by just as you spend your penny are remote, there was no way I was actually going to use it.  I found out afterwards that you can press a button that closes a screen so you don't get a birds eye view as you go.


Eminently skippable. A much better option is the Sky Garden at the Walkie Talkie north of the river, which is free, lush with greenery, and actually has a better view, since the Shard is actually too high up to make much sense in London (everything just becomes microscopic that high up). The best thing about the Shard is the toilets with the seemingly transparent walls, but that's probably not worth the high price.


As a cynical Londoner, I would never normally do something like this, but my parents were visiting from the North so it seemed like a worthwhile thing to entertain them with.

Now, they had a great time, taking pictures and enjoying the aerial view of the city, however they weren't paying. And that's the thing: the view is great, but the prices are extortionate. If you can combine it with another event, like the regular silent discos, maybe it is worth the money, but otherwise, it's simply a tourist trap.


The view from the shard is impressive however it is a bit pricey if you want a cheaper option you can visit one of the bars and buy a drink and get to relax and enjoy the view but you don't get the 360 view you get from the top so it's depends what you are after.


I have been to the top of the Shard twice, though both times it was for the Silent Disco and not The View from The Shard. To be honest, I think it's not worth the £25-30 ticket price, that is why I decided it's better to combine it with an experience (the silent disco). From what I saw, I think it was the right decision, as the place is rather empty and it's just the views that make it. As other reviewers point out, you can enjoy the same views (I would actually argue that the views from the lower floors are better as you see in more detail) from the bar on the 31st floor (Aqua Shard), or the Gong bar on the 52 floor, while sipping on a fancy drink that would definitely cost you less than the entrance to The View from The Shard.


I personally love the Shard and I think if you want a great view from of London then the Shard is most certainly the place to go. Not only do you get amazing views from all sides of the Shard but it clearly states above the views and on ipads what you are viewing you can also see on the ipads what the view would of looked like back in the roman times, Victoria era etc which makes it even more interesting.  Plus you have lots of space to move and there is even a bar to grab a drink from.  So if you are tossing between London Eye and the Shard I would personally say the Shard. Also the Shard lays on special events from champagne nights to Silent Disco nights making the Shard appealing to go back to. Highly recommend.

Good views. However, the cost is £25.95 per adult if pre-booked. The price if you turn up on the day is £31.

Most other London attractions offer a 2 for 1 deal but the Shard doesn't

It is way too expensive for what it is!

Visited May 2017

The View from the Shard is a great experience, being above London at such a great height, but with most popular viewpoints, you may be stood on one of the major points on the city skyline that you actually want to see. This is why I would probably opt for a free visit to Sky Garden over a £25.95 ticket to the Shard. Also, you can appreciate good views from the Shangri-La hotel lobby in the Shard for free.


The View offers a stunning panorama of London from 68 floors up. My favourite side is the view of East London, with Tower Bridge in full and Canary Wharf in the background. I find it quite amusing because it blends the historic architecture from the Bridge and the modernity from the financial district. 

I've had the opportunity to experience this twice at the Silent Discos that are held at The Shard. So I've only seen this view at night. It's still easy to spot the iconic buildings and sights but obviously slightly harder to find less known attractions such as the BT Tower or St. George Wharf Tower. As beautiful as the view is, I think that there are definitely other options in London with an even better view and at a lower price, if not free. 

I did like that the lower viewing deck (the one that is indoors) had electronic binoculars that you could move around to see different buildings. It was pretty cool because the machine allows you to see the same view in different modes - eg. at night, during the day, a live feed, etc. 


Generally I think the Shard is overrated. There are so many other more interesting buildings in London, I really don't understand the hype around this particular one. 

I was graciously invited to an event at the View from the Shard, and as I skeptically handed my coat over to the cloakroom attendant I wondered whether I'd need it at the top. 

With a drink in hand, I strolled over to the edge, admiring the view. Now the view is actually pretty incredible. However the staff on hand to explain the skyline are much to used to the tourists and therefore don't actually know London's city scape that well. 

I'd say this experience is great for someone new to the city, that wants to learn a bit of history or see further than the eye can see. Otherwise, just go to the Tate's new extension and you'll be just as impressed. 


You have to do it. There's no way around it. If you're in London for a quick visit, or even if you live here - you have to get up there. 

If you pick the right date, you really get the most amazing views from up here. You don't even need binoculars - the map, the way you see it in pocket guides, is right in front of you, and one can really waste hours here, pointing out landmarks that are ordinary or even boring on ground level, but from up here it's a completely different experience.

After a thrilling elevator ride up to the top, you are presented with an entire view of London and after you work yourself through some crowds, the best strategy is to just pick a spot by the window and take it all in from there. Sure, you can walk around after, but this is the least frustrating way to deal with tourist crowds while still getting to enjoy it all.

Definitely recommend taking the last set of stairs up to the open top - the breath of fresh air makes you feel like King Kong on top of the skyscraper, and if you've just been paid or had a rich relative recently pass away, make sure you look around here with drink in hand. The green garden setting makes it all look like a hanging garden, and the feeling of being above the entire city is honestly unique.

Yes, it's pricey, but please see first line.


One of the MUST DO things when visiting (or living) in London. The views are absolutely breathtaking. You can see for miles on a clear day. Looking down on Central makes everything seem so near to each other. The best part about is the Loo with a View. I thought they were kidding but they are not. If you are bashful you can draw the blinds, but it is a fun feeling to be a bit on the wild side and leave them open. I spent over an hour between the two observation decks so i didn't feel I'd wasted my money. 

Although it can be quite pricey and full of tourists, the views are spectacular. I would highly recommend it.

Just wonderful. Best way to go and see it is with the silent disco. Book your ticket and enjoy party and nice view!!!

OMG. I am actually afraid of heights but it was a family thing. It was fantastic. also we had access to floor 72 which is open. Once in a lifetime is enough.


Its very great place, its very expensive and touristy but the view is really worth it. I love seeing London from up high and its great thing to do at least once. Enjoy! 

Staff Writer

London clearly has many amazing attractions, but there is no other with such an incredible view and experience as The View From The Shard. Yes you have to go through the process of tickets, checks and opportunities to purchase gifts. But once at on the viewing platforms it is not like anything else for a view of London. We loved it so much we have been back several times, morning noon and early evening. Each giving a different perspective of the city. 360 degree views of London and beyond. One to be done.


In all honesty, I think Sky Garden is MUCH nicer, chilled out and purse friendly, but this is London and if you want to tick The Shard off the bucket list I’d still recommend you go. If you can squeeze past the many tourists, then the uninterrupted views are wonderful, day or night.  

Definitely one of the best views of London. The restaurant and the pub are expensive, but the place is breath-taking. I think the best time to go there is late afternoon, when you can see the sunset playing on London's buildings. You can see everything, from the London eye to Canary Wharf. I'm in love with this place. 


Very expensive, but beautiful views all across London. We could even see the North Downs. The champagne is disgustingly expensive, and you should get a bigger glass of it for the price you pay. Really lovely experience overall. There are also very cool toilets - 'loo with a view', which was great!

moderatorStaff Writer

Whilst it is quite pricey but there's no other view like it in London, and it's much cheaper than a chopper ride..


This was a birthday gift from two of my best girlfriends so after work one day they surprised me. Best surprise ever! The Shard really is the way to 'wow' someone and is a real 'must do' when in London. I do think, however, it is important to be in good company though. Looking around, some people were merely glancing here and there and clearly didn't get much out of it, but my friends and I really relaxed, took time to look at every part of London and had a really good giggle! Even if you don't need the loo, I still recommend you go as it is such a surreal experience being so high up, in such an open space, yet in a room that requires privacy. Because I loved it so much, I did buy two vouchers for my boyfriend and his brother (this included a glass of champagne) and they were raving fans too! It's a must in my eyes... 


If you are a tourist visiting London for a special weekend or a Londoner born and bred who can see the Shard from their office every day, The View from the Shard is a stunning experience and a London must.

Looking at some reviews below, people seem to hesitate over the price. But however cliché it sounds, once you get to the top of the sleek building, you can't really put a price on the view, it really is breathtaking. My boyfriend took me for a birthday treat at night-time and this view was particularity beautiful. The 360 degrees view means that you can locate any London landmark and the lights of the city are amazing.

We paid an extra £8 on the original tickets to include an arrival glass of champagne from the Lanson bar (which we continued to frequent throughout the night) which made the whole experience feel more special. The music creates a relaxing atmosphere and the fact there is no time limit on your ticket means you can soak in the sights in your own time. 

I can't recommend this experience enough if it is just to spice up your weekend or to celebrate a special occasion. Worth the hype and worth the pennies. 

Top Tip: Make sure you continue to climb up to Floor 72 where the viewing platform is right at the top and open air, so you can really feel the height of the tallest building in Europe. 

Amazing views - it's a must when it London.  Great place for a special date with some bubbly for the special lady in your life - worked for me!

Staff Writer

I agree with a lot of the other comments here. The views are astounding (I particularly liked the view at night) but the price is a bit steep at almost £25 per person. It's worth noting there's not a huge amount to do once you're up there. There's a small bar but mostly it's all about admiring the amazing views. You get a great bird's eye view of London Bridge station - with all the trains coming in and out, it looks like a toy train set - as well as over towards the City with the Gherkin and Walkie Talkie on display.  


Great views.

I arranged to go at sunset and enjoyed the beautiful London skies.

It's expensive but it's worth doing it at least once.

As expected the View is astounding! The whole experience is good from the entrance to the lift journeys to the actual viewing gallery.  I couldn't fault the attraction or the staff, they were great!  My biggest disappointment was the "Height of Winter" experience on the skydeck.  I was expecting a really special Christmas experience after reading this: "Step into the glittering embrace of winter and be captivated by the magical creations of innovative British experience designers Bompas and Parr. Alongside perfumers, composers, psychologists and professors of visual culture they will transform the viewing gallery into the unmissable event of the season."

In reality, there are some plastic "Glowing crystal benches" and an ice cave.  Although it didn't cost any more than a standard ticket for this "experience" my overall review is tainted by this massive let down.

The view from the Shard is a must do experience if you are visiting London, especially at night around Christmas, just don't expect anything extra from the Height of Winter!


I did this as a present from my family and it was a really lovely experience. It was really windy that day but the view was amazing across London. I loved the screens to point out the buildings in case of any queries!


There’s one building you can’t miss when you’re in London. It looks incredible from outside, all sleek and shiny. And when you’re at the bottom of it, it’s a wonder how they could build a thing that tall. But how’s the experience inside?

The price is not cheap, but £25 is still acceptable when you’re considering you’re visiting the tallest building in Europe!

The high-speed lift is awesomely smooth, taking you directly to the ‘view’.

The ‘view’ itself is built on two level – the first one, closed and the second opened. The second one is my favourite because you can feel the wind and sunshine… It highlights the fact that you’re at that height.

The panoramic views are spectacular. As you’re at the highest point you’ve ever been, you’re able to look at London from a different perspective. Don’t expect much else though as there’s none to little explanation and only a few telescopes…

I would recommend it once, juts to see London from high above. But as there’s nothing more to it, you should probably not bother coming back…


We had wonderful panoramic views on a dry sunny-ish day but it was only 30 minutes viewing for an expensive price tag.  I wonder if they give a refund when the weather isn't so good?  This is a very slick operation - loads of staff standing around just pointing which way we should head to the lifts.  I would recommend anyone wanting to visit to wait for discounted offers.

Staff Writertastemaker

The view from here is great, and it's nice to walk right up to the glass. Get there in time for a good sunset and you'll be getting considerably more for your money than mid afternoon whatever the weather!

The downsides are the price tag (and they dont seem to be doing offers yet) and for me it has a slightly hotel-y vibe which is a bit nauseating when paired with the altitude.

Think its worth looking for some of their special events as a visit will feel better value for money when you can linger with a dink in your hand or have a dance.


Very nice 360° views of London. BUT.. very expensive for what it is. Having been to quite a few viewing towers around the world, this is by far the most expensive yet probably one of the least interesting. For around £30 a ticket I would expect more of an experience. The high price must surely put people off of returning, as it has with us.

The highest view of London and it was really cool to see the city at 360 degrees. Although because of the way London is, short old buildings as far as the eye can see, I think it's something I'd only bother to see once.The Shard staff were amazing though and it really is a beautiful building on the London skyline

Whilst it is a great view of London and I liked the 'outdoor' bit on level 72, I don't think it is worth its price tag. It was fairly quiet, so you weren't constantly waiting for people to move. I think they should try and make it more of an experience if they plan on keeping the price as high as it is. Perhaps offer some facts about the building as you head up? 

I think I preferred the view from the Walkie Talkie - it has the advantage of being North of the River, so a better 360 view of London, I think.

We had the chance to win tickets thanks to Time out and made the most out of what was proposed. I think the only bad thing you could say about this is the price but there was none of this for me so I enjoyed all of it. It was an impressive moment, with an excellent view, a great sunset, with champagne. It was such a calm place to admire the city moving, running, driving, everything. I think it is a must do at some point in your London life. Even if you have fear of heights. :)

its a great view but save yourself the entrance fee and either head for a Time Out Silent Disco or grab a glass of chambers at the shangra la hotel which is almost the top. You get the view and great music/alcohol/ dancing with these options 

moderatorStaff WriterTastemaker

An amazing view of London and well worth the trip, as long as you like heights. Definitely think about stopping off at the bar and restaurants, which are also excellent.

Staff Writer

It's exactly what it says - you get a view of London from the top of a very tall building. As much as I love the look of the Shard, I wasn't that impressed with the view and (unless it gets much cheaper) I won't do it again. There's one unusual thing about it though - although you are so high and there are glass walls all around you, there's no ceiling above. You can feel the cold wind swooshing around you and I personally became very pleasantly light headed, feeling a bit as if I was flying and not standing on the ground. For that, it was a fun thing to do. Otherwise I'd probably go back there only if it was a part of an event such as the Silent Disco.

It was very expensive, although we made the most out of it. We went up while it was still sunny, had a cocktail and left after sunset. It was beautiful, wonderful views from both platforms. If you can find a spot you like, sit down and just enjoy the beautiful view, watch the boats pass.

The elevator ride up there was good fun too! The attendants can tell you all kinds of cool engineering facts.

I've read that The Shard has divided opinion among Londoners. Just like the sandwich spread marmite - you love it or hate it. Thing is though, I've not actually met a single person who dislikes architect Renzo Piano's glistening civic masterpiece. Wherever his detractors are, it seems they've been steering clear of me. So, filled up to the brim with enthusiasm, I headed off to London Bridge to take a look at what claims to be the unmissable attraction of 2013.Upon arrival at Level 68, you enter a teaser of a floor, with images of clouds on the floor-to-ceiling windows obscuring the view you know is sitting below. Within seconds the wait is over as visitors ascend to the triple height gallery on Level 69, with its 360 degree views for up to 40 miles (64km) across the Thames basin.Once you're done it's back down to Level 68 and a chance to visit The View From The Shard boutique shop. If you'd prefer you can hang around a little longer on Levels 69 and 72 - there's no time limit to your visit once you're up. That's one of the nice little touches offered up by the attraction organisers. Another is the promise of a free return trip if your visit is marred by a fogged up lack of visibility. At close to thirty pounds for the standard price entrance, The View From the Shard is hardly cheap. But metre for metre it offers good value compared to the London Eye, although the 'Millennium Wheel' does benefit from a majestic position opposite the Houses of Parliament, overlooking the touristic West End. As for cost, little in London is a bargain these days, be it a seat at a West End theatre show or a Premiership football match. To their credit The View From The Shard's hosts seem firmly set upon providing a warm welcome and a little extra value to their guests, adding some neat features such as the free-to-use 'Tel:scopes' and the 'linger-as-long-as-like' offer. And so to paraphrase what a wise man once said about a Rolls-Royce motor car, 'the view will be remembered long after the price is forgotten'.

people say that you have to book in advance, but we just went there and got tickets for this sunny day! it's true that it's really expensive, but the money is worth it! the view was just stunning and we din'd queue at all!!! I can just recommend it!

Forget this rip-off & go have drinks at the upstairs Grill at the Royal Festival Hall: best view of London, no queues, classy space, and a nice glass of bubbly for the same price!

Went there on a day when the weather was not the best (but you have to book ahead so this is an inevitable risk), queued for over an hour despite having a booked time slot for entry (queue to get upstairs, queue to get in, queue for the downstairs loo (there are NONE on the viewing level - with no paper anyway), queue to get through security, queue for the lift to go halfway up, queue for the lift to get the rest of the way up), so missed the sunset we had booked the timeslot for and got a slightly flat view similar to flying into Heathrow and NO facilities whatsoever, just a plain wooden floor and some digital binoculars that are either hard to get to or broken. Not even anywhere to sit down for my mother, who is elderly and not able to stand for long, especially after all that queueing. All in all a very disappointing experience. You're much better off going to the bar at the top of Heron tower and spending your 25 quid on a couple of nice cocktails!

Priced to keep the "rifraf" out and Londoners in - maybe they can do a lottery for the early morning slots for the provinces

For a family of 5 this costs over £100. unbelievable price for a "good view"! For the same price why not buy a tent, a train ticket to the Peak District and go camping for the weekend. Much better views!

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