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A brief history of women in music with dildos

Written by
Amy Smith

Björk has just delivered your new favourite image of the week.

The awesome, eyebrow-raising artwork for her new album, ‘Utopia’ (out November 4), has just dropped. In one shot, she’s pictured looking customarily amazing with a pearlescent vagina on her forehead (below). In another, she’s pictured chilling out, playing a recorder and casually rocking a shiny claret dildo.  

The timing was sublime for us here at Time Out. Just last week, Grace Jones told us she was still working on her promise to ‘fuck every guy in the ass’.

Which obviously got us thinking, how many other musicians have strapped up and strapped on over the years. Worry not, we’ve done the legwork (or should that be pegwork?).

Nicki Minaj
Our Nicki has always loved attention-grabbing outfits. Back in 2011, Minaj pulled on her own, erm, anaconda – whipping out a dildo during her ‘I Am Music’ tour. It actually, sort of, makes sense with the glittering ’60s intergalactic space vixen jumpsuit she was wearing. That same year, Minaj attended the VMA’s draped in a different type of toy – a giant cat-eared giraffe doll. Aww.

Miley Cyrus 
Miley has always been chasing Nicki Minaj’s steam, so it should be no surprise that in 2015 for her Dead Pets tour, she dressed as a topless unicorn complete with a ridiculously large strap-on that not only had light-up balls, but was also bigger than her horn.

To be honest, if outrageous performance artist Peaches isn’t swinging a dildo, something must be up. The electro-punk rapper is best known for her awesome track ‘Fuck the Pain Away’, wearing a necklace of giant squishy boobs or cavorting onstage in pretty much nothing but a strap-on.

Lady Gaga
Of course Gaga had to be on the list. She has been packing a dildo in her pants for years. Back in 2010, her ladyship was the first person pictured on a Q Magazine cover with a dildo. Then a year later, Gaga wore penis-heeled shoes for an appearance on ‘American Idol’. The cocky bootees were blurred out for more sensitive viewers.

Tribe 8
And finally, one for the heads. The ’90s trans-dyke punk band grabbed attention with their outspoken S&M lyrics and lead singer Lynn Breedlove’s habit of performing topless with a strap-on.  

So there you go! Björk's album ‘Utopia’ is out soon, plus she’s playing at next summer’s All Points East festival in Victoria Park, too.

And here's those other new, incredible pics from 'Utopia'.


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