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Could ‘naked homes’ help solve London’s housing crisis?

Written by
kyra hanson

Imagine you’ve just picked up the keys to your new home. Exciting times ahead, right? Only, you walk through the door of your new apartment and there are no partition walls, there’s no flooring, no decor at all, in fact. And there’s only basic plumbing – enough for a kitchen sink and a bathroom. The upside? You’ve just paid 40 percent less than you would have for a standard new build. 

This ‘spartan’, to put it kindly, approach to house building has received a £500,000 grant from Mayor of London Sadiq Khan as a potential solution to Generation Rent’s housing woes. The scheme was dreamt up by a group of Londoners who were fed up with a housing market that makes you pay an arm and a leg for finishings and fittings you might not want or need. Fair enough, you might think, but there’s nothing sexy about the Naked House scheme, just a hell of a lot of hard work for the new homeowner, unless you’re into bare concrete walls. On the other hand, with London house prices rising on average by a £105 a day, we might just do an IKEA run and pack our bags. 

If the ‘less is more’ approach has caught your attention, there are 22 apartments being trialled across three sites in Enfield, north London. 

Depending on your taste in interiors, it could be a prison-cell hell or a minimalist’s heaven. 

Naked House

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