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#EatATubeStation: people are making food puns out of tube station names

Written by
Alexandra Sims

A lot of hashtags get bandied about the internet these days. Some are informative, some are hilarious and others are just pointless. So, make what you will of this new Twitter craze, which is attempting to liven up the names of our tube stations with food puns.

#EatATubeStation has caused a spontaneous flurry of activity on Twitter after it was started yesterday by a man posting under the name of Ben Punter, who initially posted some fairly vanilla culinary-transport puns.

These were soon followed by some more creative responses.

Although some sounded a bit like the sort of thing your dad might say (well, one of them did come from @DadJokeMan)

And some people have taken it all way too far.  

In other news, this is the dirtiest way to commute to work in London.

And a double-decker bus got stuck on a central London street after attempting a three-point turn.

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