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Five London restaurants run by celebrity children

Kitty Drake

So many big names, from Robert De Niro to Jay Z to Ryan Gosling, own a restaurant. Food seems to be the next logical step when you’ve done it all in showbiz but are not quite ready to do a Gwyneth Paltrow and start advising people to stuff semi-precious stones inside their vaginas. Lately, though, we’ve noticed a trend taking it a step further: it’s the kids of famous people who are quietly propping up the London food scene, not the famous people themselves. Once you start looking, you’ll find these celebrity-offspring-restaurateurs everywhere. Here are five to whet your appetite.


This very swanky Mayfair restaurant was co-founded by Roger Moore’s son Geoffrey Moore. He’s the guy standing next to the sports car, FYI. Apparently Roger encouraged Geoffrey to invest in bonds – we repeat: Bond(s) – and that’s how he got the money to open Hush. Although, Roger invested too.


Henry Dimbleby – son of David, nephew of Jonathan – has only recently stepped down as co-founder of the deliciously wholesome fast food empire. Imagine how exhausting dinner-table chat for him must have been growing up.


This pizzeria is run by Alan and Mark, sons of veteran broadcaster Terry Wogan. Apparently, Terry wasn’t much of a lunch guy. He could make a mean martini, though.

Duke’s Brew & Que

Owned by Logan Plant, this barbecue and booze spot owes its drinks selection to Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, Logan’s dad. Going to pubs with Robert on the road influenced Logan’s taste in beer.


Jamie Wood heads up the flagship London branch of this ethical burger joint. His mum is Jo Wood. His papa is a Rolling Stone.

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