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'Game of Thrones' series seven has a release date and teaser trailer

Tom Huddleston

Oh, come on, that's AGES! Yes, the new series of 'Game of Thrones' finally has an air date, and it's not until July 16th, a whole four moths and three days away. The date was announced during an elaborate Facebook Live event last night, as a block of ice was painstakingly melted with a flaming brand, intercut with clips of the cast breathing fire.

The reveal was accompanied by the release of a teaser trailer - but seriously, don't get excited, this is one of those ominous-but-totally-uninformative trailers the 'Game of Thrones' crew love to infuriate us with, depicting a bunch of big stone animals - the sigils of the various great houses - crumbling into dust, before a big eye turns White Walker-style blue. Yes, it's very pretty and all that, but we want footage dammit.

The seventh series of 'Game of Thrones' remains shrouded in mystery: we assume Danaerys is finally going to land in Westeros and start kicking off, we know Jim Broadbent is going to pop up as some kind of Grand Maester and buddy up with Sam, and we know Jon Snow is going to stride about the place looking grim because that's what Jon Snow does. Oh, and we know it's only going to run for seven episodes, which is not nearly enough, frankly. But we'll take it.

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