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Londoners reveal the most passive aggressive things they’ve ever done

James Manning

We asked you to reveal your major pass-agg moments: acts of tiny malice or revenge. You didn’t disappoint us.

‘Meticulously drawing a large circle with blackcurrant cordial on a cream-coloured rug after finding my blueberries missing for the third time.’

‘Smearing butter inside the sleeves of my dad’s favourite sweater.’

‘My boyfriend said he didn’t have time to do the dirty dishes because he had to catch a train… so I hid them in his bag for him to find when he unpacked.’

‘I stole a single piece from a 2,000-piece jigsaw of the Mona Lisa.’

‘I poured half a salt shaker in a co-worker’s soup. That’s what you get for skipping the microwave queue.’

‘I got so sick of my upstairs neighbour’s noisy sex, I timed him and posted him a weekly summary. “Congratulations: on Thursday you lasted 4 minutes 38 seconds – a personal best.”’

‘A senior colleague emailed me with my name spelt a “K” instead of a “C” in “Monica”. I replied, “Hi Kolin…”’

‘Picked my flatmate’s hair from the plughole and put it on her bedroom door handle.’

‘Gradually reduced the sensitivity on a co-worker’s mouse over the course of three months until it became a nightmare to use.’

Now tell us: how would you spend your last £5?

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