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Londoners reveal their worst date stories

James Manning

We asked you what had happened on your most horrifyingly awkward dates. Here’s what you said…

‘When he takes you to Subway and pays with a coupon…’

‘He told me that he was writing a book on how he had been letting down women since the age of five.’

‘He wore brown shoes and trousers and clapped when he laughed.’

‘Halfway through, he told me that he had killed his best friend by punching him in the face in a bar fight.’

‘I worked out he used to know my sister. His response: “Oh, yeah – she was a real whore.”’

‘I bought him a muffin to apologise for being late. He was gluten intolerant. Also, the date involved morris dancers.’

‘We went for drinks then ended up at what I thought was a party. Turned out his mate was instigating an orgy.’

‘He took me to a bridge by the river and insisted I choose a song that “described the moment”. Then he whipped out his phone and sang Elton John.’

‘I asked why he kept yawning, and he informed me he’d met an Italian woman the night before and they had “fucked like rock stars” in her hotel room all night.’

‘His job title? “Naked Magician”. Enough said.’

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