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London's waterside resorts: Haggerston - 'the Riviera'

Written by
David Clack

Welcome to Haggerston, London’s answer to...

The French Riviera. But if you find the majestic yachts and flawless complexions of the Midi a little intimidating, worry not! Everyone in this east London enclave, between Hoxton and Dalston, is permanently hungover and some of the boats barely seaworthy. You don't get rust like that in Cannes.

Qu'est-ce qui se passe?

There's usually something happening at bar/venue/exhibition space Proud Archivist. Its low-key comedy nights regularly attract big names, such as the marvellously magniloquent Russell Brand.

La gastronomie

Don't miss Towpath cafe's gloriously gooey cheese toastie. Or, if you've brought your own sarnies, the steps around the corner on Kingsland Wharf make for a good perching spot, and you can follow it up with a coffee or speciality Japanese tea from cute little kid-friendly cafe Toconoco. Mighty barbecue meat pub Duke's Brew & Que is nearby if you've strolled yourself ravenous.

Les activites

If gazing romantically into the murky waters of the Regent's Canal isn't enough for you, head to Laburnum Boat Club on its south side and you can hire yourself a kayak. We can't stress enough how important it is that you don't fall in.

Local knowledge

Before they became flats, the wharves around Kingsland Basin were used to store timber, bricks and manure. These days the only horseshit youíll find comes from hipsters talking about their screenplays.

London phrasebook

You say: 'Sorry, mon brave, mind stepping aside so I can pass by on mon vélo?'


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