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Mayonnaise, dolphins and Stephen Fry: Londoners reveal their pet hates

James Manning
Written by
James Manning

We asked you: what do you hate that everyone else loves? Here’s what you said…

‘Mayonnaise. AKA goblin jizz.’

‘I hate dolphins so much! Their squeaky skin, evil eyes and rows of little teeth. I feel sick about getting chewed to death by one, slowly.’

‘Harry Potter and JK Fucking Rowling.’

‘I haven’t drunk tea in 45 years! Tastes like metal.’

‘Beer. Any kind of beer. Lager, bitter, stout, real ale… it’s all utterly revolting.’

‘I hate cheese. It’s a nightmare in restaurants: nearly everything on the menu has the bloody stuff in it.’

‘Guinness. It tastes like earwax-flavoured soup.’

‘Shakira. And avocado.’

‘Stephen Fry creeps me out so much I can’t even look at a picture of him in a newspaper.’

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