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Meet the ice cream burger. The black coconut ice cream burger

Tom Howells

Right, you’ve had ice cream (duh). You’ve had burgers (double duh). You’ve had ice cream burgers (er, possibly?). But have you ever had an almost pitch-black ice cream burger? A burger as black as a coal mine with the lights off? Extremely doubtful.

But now – laboured klaxon – you can! To celebrate National Burger Day on Thursday August 24, the good people at Jude’s Ice Cream parlour (at Battersea Park’s Pear Tree Café) will be dishing up black coconut burgers: a scoop of Jude’s ash-laced coconut ice cream, wodged into a black brioche and embellished with a few mango slivers, coconut curls and a lime glaze. It’s not full goth, then, but it’s awfully moody nonetheless. 

The black coconut ice cream burger costs £8, and will be available from August 24-29.

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