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Meet the Yorkshire Burrito: it’s a roast dinner, wrapped in a Yorkshire pudding

We live in uncertain times. The food world is awash with mermaids and unicorns and weird, bubbly Asian desserts. But is the Yorkshire burrito a step too far? Probably. Looks pretty amazing though, doesn’t it?

Literally a roast dinner wrapped up in a Yorkshire pudding, the Yorkshire Burrito was born, its website tells us, out of a frustration with how “few offerings there were in the way of British cuisine”. One commentator, named ‘The Xandwich’ has been quoted: “I’ve never been particularly patriotic but this was so quintessentially British it brought a tear to my eye.” Stirring stuff.

The Yorkshire burrito comes in chicken, beef and veggie varieties and you can pick one up from Wednesday-Saturday at their Rupert Street stall (also called Yorkshire Burrito) in Soho. We’re feeling pretty excited about that beef option TBH: slow-cooked brisket with red wine gravy and spinach! Don’t get too excited, but they’re also available for weddings.

Get your Yorkshire Burrito at Rupert Street Market, W1D 6DR, from Wednesday-Saturday.

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Jennifer C

There was a restaurant in Scarborough, N. Yorks when I lived there about 20 years ago that specialised in Roast Dinner served in a Yorkshire pudding.  So sorry to disappoint but you are not the first to have thought of this idea.  However, if you roasts in a yorkshire are as good as those we had all that time ago, you are most certainly worth a vist