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Revealed: the tube line that Londoners hate the most

James Manning

It’s August, so polling company YouGov has taken a holiday from politics to quiz Londoners about the tube instead. Its latest survey, of 1,651 London residents, was focused on Underground etiquette: the things that really annoy us about the way people behave underground.

To be honest, the results are fairly predictable. Two-thirds of us are annoyed by people standing on the left on escalators. Eight out of ten get pissed off when people play music without using headphones. Nine out of ten are miffed when people get on the train without giving other passengers the chance to get off first, making that the most heinous Tube Crime of the 20 covered in the survey.

What we’re most interested in, though, is the last question: ‘Generally speaking, do you like or dislike each of the following lines?’ Yep, we’ve finally got a scientific, official answer to the question of which tube line Londoners hate the most. And it’s – you guessed it – the Central line!

We already knew that the Central line is the most delayed and most crime-ridden line on the network, as well as the second hottest and second dirtiest. Now we know it’s also disliked by a quarter of Londoners – more than any other line. (The predictable favourites were the shiny Jubilee and the whizzy DLR.)

Here’s the very weirdest finding: 30 percent of the people surveyed said they actually quite liked the Central line. So next time you’re stuck in someone’s armpit in a hot tunnel between Bethnal Green and Liverpool Street, don’t forget to look around at your fellow passengers and consider the fact that a third of them are masochists.

In other transport news, TfL made £200,000 last year from passengers’ lost cash.

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