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'The Great British Bake Off' star Selasi on Cronuts, London life and staying chilled on the tube

Ellie Walker-Arnott

Thanks to his insanely chilled-out demeanour and ability to pipe icing to perfection, banker-turned-biker-turned-baker Selasi Gbormittah has found a special, spongey place in the nation's heart. The 'Bake Off' contestant, who narrowly missed out on a place in tonight's finale, charmed fans, squirrels and even icy Paul Hollywood with his laid-back approach to baking. Naturally, we caught up with him before 'The Great British Bake Off' final to talk about his life in London – and to find out how he stays so darned calm the whole time.

'Being an optimist in life helps a lot,' he tells us, adding: 'I'm a big believer of everything happening for a reason. Good or bad, lessons are learnt.' 

Any tips for those of us on the most highly strung end of the spectrum? 'Erm... keep smiling and enjoy life.'

Nothing about living in London really stresses him out, he tells us. Nothing. Not the tube – 'I just have something to keep busy. Music or a book. Something to distract.' Not traffic, crowded pavements, slow walkers, noise, stupidly long queues or overpriced sandwiches.

'If I have to answer it would be the weather,' he says. Or maybe too much time spent in the park. 'I'm a terrible sufferer of hay fever. It makes me cry!' he tells us. How he coped in the 'Bake Off' tent for two months we'll never know.

Selasi's not even fazed by his new-found fame. 'I motorbike to work so my helmet helps but I get recognised. It's quite nice I guess. I just smile and wave! I love the idea that baking puts a smile on people's faces. It's great. The genuine happiness for the show and the bakers is very nice and humbling.' 

Since filming 'Bake Off', he's been on his bike exploring London's 'great' bakeries. We wonder if that's research for the bakery he says he hopes to open one day. He did tells us his favourite London bakery is 'my kitchen', after all... 

He's yet to have a Cronut because they had sold out on his last visit, but he's a fan of the Dominique Ansel Bakery. 'I love it. I was a greedy piggy that day because they didn't have Cronuts. At least I have an excuse to visit again...'

After work you'll find him on a date with his girlfriend – where? 'That's a secret! – at 'any bar in the city that serves great cocktails' or having dinner at one his locals in Hammersmith. The Crabtree and River Café are favourites. 

'London is the best place to live in my opinion. There's always something to do. It's a vibrant city with great people,' says Selasi.

As for what's next for the city's most chilled-out resident, we've all got our fingers crossed for that bakery. But, whatever happens, we're likely to see more of the cool, composed baker on our screens – we understand that he's likely to be appearing on TV next year in one form or another.

Chat show appearances? His own cooking show? Paul Hollywood's new 'Bake Off' co-judge? Whatever it is, we're sure he'll take it in his smooth stride... 

'The Great British Bake Off' concludes tonight at 8pm on BBC1. 

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