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There's a gory exhibition of bones and junk from the Thames

Eddy Frankel

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The Thames foreshore is its very own slimy museum of London history. For centuries, junk has been dumped into the river, and every day, at low tide, it reveals its sunken bounty. Swiss artist Franziska Lantz has combed the river's muddy banks for most of the works in her show at Rodeo (hosting German/Italian gallery Supportico Lopez for this exhibition for Condo 2017), and assembled an installation made up mostly of bones, rubbish and clothing found poking out of the mire. It's a creepy room that'll make your skin crawl, halfway between an ancient abandoned morgue and an art exhibition, but its real power comes from the sense of history imbued into every object. Almost everything here, all those bits of bone and junk, are from our very own river: it's this city's discarded, forgotten remnants, ripped up and reassembled into a new story.

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