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Things you only know if you’re a Time Out editor

Time Out Reader Takeover Contributor
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Time Out Reader Takeover Contributor

…according to James Manning, City Life editor, 26.

London is actually very odd

‘The most interesting part of my job is uncovering some of the weird things that happen in this massive city. I don’t just mean bizarre pop-ups, but also interesting stories about communities and amazing, eccentric Londoners. I try to puncture the more sterile, homogenised side of London by making people realise that there’s always some bizarre shit going on somewhere.’

You get to do some cool stuff if you work for Time Out…

‘I went axe-throwing. I abseiled off the Orbit. I’ve been down to the abandoned Mail Rail station at Liverpool Street. Going to places that are not normally open to the public is amazing.’

…but the office isn’t as exciting as you might think

‘Until 2014, we worked in this huge, historic ex-department store on Tottenham Court Road, with big old wood conference rooms, a roof terrace and our logo in red neon outside. Now that building’s been knocked down and we’ve moved to quite a boring, normal office just down the road. But we’re moving again soon, to King’s Cross this time, so watch this space!’

Knowing all about London’s best stuff is both a blessing and a curse

‘It can be annoying when people text you to ask: “Hey, I’m looking for a bar in Hackney, where should I go? What exhibition should I see? What plays are good at the moment? What gigs are coming up?” But I love knowing the answers to those questions. As in any job there are any number of frustrating things about working here, but the end result of all the boring bits is that I do get to do something I’m really passionate about.’

James was interviewed for our Reader Takeover by Kristel Tracey, 28, from Wembley, who says ‘I think Time Out does a great job of capturing the diversity and excitement of life in London.’ Cheers, Kristel!

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