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Woody, wookiee, Khaleesi and Fleabag: the first photo from the set of the Han Solo movie

Written by
Tom Huddleston

Who'd you invite to your ideal dinner party? Woody Harrelson, obviously – the man's got stories. Phoebe Waller-Bridge from 'Fleabag', she could get all sweary and make the other guests uncomfortable. Chewbacca would have to be there – sure, he's hairy and fictional and doesn't speak English, but he's just so damn cool. Speaking of which, let's have Donald Glover from 'Community' and 'Atlanta' in there, for the laughs. And Emilia Clarke, the Mother of Dragons from 'Game of Thrones'! She's hard as nails. And, okay, one super good-looking guy just to round it out. One with an unpronounceable name. And a couple of other random dudes to make up the numbers. And hey, do you think we can stage this whole affair on the Millennium Falcon? Just for a touch of intergalactic-industrial atmos.

Bingo. You've just invented the Han Solo spinoff movie. As this first on-set photo from the film shows, this is the youngest, hippest, grinning-est cast ever assembled for a Star Wars flick. We're still not sure how much we need to know about Han's early years – how can they tell this story without ruining the magic? – but with 'Lego Movie' writer-directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord calling the shots and that cracking cast, the omens do look pretty good. The film doesn't have an official title yet, but we'll be stunned if it doesn't end up being called 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'. Oh, and it's due out on May 25, 2018. Roll on the next 15 months.

In the meantime, here's a shot of co-director Chris Miller with the film's first clapper slate. Don't screw this up, guys.

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