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Gabriel Iglesias
Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias’s top ten stand-up comedians

The San Diego-born stand-up – known to his fans as ‘Fluffy’ – reveals his favourite comics

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Ben Williams

Even though he’s had practically no TV exposure in the UK, American comic Gabriel Iglesias is playing the massive Hammersmith Apollo this weekend. He’s a big name in the States – and, through the power of the internet, he’s popular across the globe now too – as seen on most of the late-night chat shows, as a contestant on ‘Last Comic Standing’ and as Tobias in the ‘Magic Mike’ films.

On stage, Iglesias is a nice-guy stand-up, reenacting feel-good stories using his impressive vocal range. Here, the 39-year-old comic (known as ‘Fluffy’ to his fans) counts down his ten favourite stand-ups.

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Russell Peters

10. Russell Peters

‘Russell Peters changed my comedy touring game. He would tell me about the places around the world that he would perform and I would wonder: Why am I only staying in the US? I need to see some world! I can thank Russell for inspiring me to perform in other countries, since I never wanted to leave home.’

Jeff Dunham

9. Jeff Dunham

‘He kills me! He’s a great performer and friend.’

Chris Rock

8. Chris Rock

‘As far as guys who perform on stage, I love Chris Rock. I’m kind of jaded on everyone else.’

Bill Cosby

7. Bill Cosby

‘He is very much a storyteller and I would listen to his albums when I was a kid.’

George Carlin

6. George Carlin

‘Groundbreaking and boundary-pushing comedy. His HBO specials were game-changers.’

Sam Kinison

5. Sam Kinison

‘When I started out I was very blue. People would call me “the Latino Sam Kinison” because I was very loud and in-your-face.’

Billy Crystal
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4. Billy Crystal

‘Billy’s produced legendary characters and he’s naturally funny. He’s one of my comedy heroes. I geeked out when I got to meet him and Whoopi Goldberg while doing “The View.” What they did with Comic Relief was amazing.’

Paul Rodriguez
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3. Paul Rodriguez

‘A mentor who paved the way for Hispanic comedians. Even offstage this guy is silly and fun to be around.’

Robin Williams

2. Robin Williams

‘An all-round legend and one of the funniest and kindest men in comedy. I had the chance to share a stage with him and he was always spontaneous and so animated.’

Eddie Murphy
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1. Eddie Murphy

‘He has a special place in my comedy story. Seeing “Raw” as a kid was a big inspiration for me to do stand-up comedy.’

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