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Jason Manford’s top ten stand-up comedians

The Mancunian stand-up and ‘Live at the Apollo’ star reveals his favourite comics

Bill Cosby

‘A trailblazer. Family friendly stand-up comedy from a master of observational comedy. Like a really old, black, American Michael McIntyre.’

Watch a clip of Bill Cosby

Tommy Tiernan

‘A comic who is so brilliantly passionate that he is now elevated to the level of a preacher. A really funny preacher. Who occasionally does a knob gag.’

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Watch a clip of Tommy Tiernan

Rachel Parris

‘I saw her at the Edinburgh Fringe this year and was utterly captivating for an hour. Really funny, inventive songs, without them being easy parodies. Likeable and warm stage presence with the odd biting line.’

Watch a clip of Rachel Parris

Sara Pascoe

‘So dry and hilarious. Saw her go head-to-head with the genius that is Frank Skinner on a panel show once, and she won. High praise indeed.’

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Watch a clip of Sara Pascoe

Jason Byrne

‘So inventive. One of the best improvisers you’ll ever see, every gig feels like it’s a one-off.’

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Watch a clip of Jason Byrne

Sandi Toksvig

‘Having worked with her on a couple of episodes of “QI”, she is essentially the female Stephen Fry. Clever, witty, funny, but smart enough to make the odd knob gag if and when it’s needed.’

Watch a clip of Sandi Toksvig

Jo Brand

‘Has been consistently funny for 25 years. She gets it in the neck from the “women aren’t funny” brigade, but clearly proves they are, and she is the queen of funny women.’

Watch a clip of Jo Brand

Louis CK

‘He’s just one of the top comics gigging today. A social commentator in the vein of George Carlin. I feel when I’m on stage I’m saying, “Here are some funny things that happen.” Whereas Louis is saying, “Here are some funny things that happen and here’s why.”’

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Watch a clip of Louis CK

Peter Kay

‘The most gifted entertainer of his generation. Whatever you think about observational comedy, Peter is the master.’

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Watch a clip of Peter Kay

Billy Connolly

‘The grandaddy of them all. Pioneer. Hero. Trailblazer. Genius. Even at 50 percent he’s better than everyone else at 100 percent.’

Watch a clip of Billy Connolly

He’s tried his hand at presenting on ‘The One Show’, and even musical theatre in ‘Sweeney Todd’, but now Jason Manford’s back on the road doing what he does best: stand-up. His ‘First World Problems’ tour heads to London at the end of November, so we asked the 32-year-old comic to list his top ten stand-ups. 

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