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Museum sleepovers

Have your very own night at the museum at one of London's cultured but colourful sleepovers

© Benedict Johnson
The British Museum

Want to sleep with dinosaurs? Bed down under an Elizabethan cannon? Or wake up beside the mummies? Time Out rounds up the top attractions that will let your kids bed down for the night. Call venues to find out dates of upcoming sleepovers.

British Museum Sleepovers

These popular sleepovers take place every two months and are open to Young Friends of the British Museum and their chums.

Every sleepover brings temporary and permanent exhibitions to life with storytelling surrounded by centuries of world history, before kids bed down in the Egyptian and Assyrian Galleries. Then it's up early for breakfast, which is included in the ticket, and a farewell activity. Sleepovers are advertised in the magazine for Young Friends of the British Museum and bookings will be accepted by post only within the first few weeks to ensure fair ticket allocation.

In addition to sleepover invitations, Young Friends receive a gift membership pack full of museum goodies and the chance to attend other fun events.

Suitable for ages 8-15. Up to four children, one of whom must be a Young Friend, per adult.

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Dino Snores at the Natural History Museum


The museum's monthly sleepover brings together a programme of activities to allow visitors to investigate the museum at night. There's a torch-lit tour to the darkest depths of the galleries, nature puzzles, then a chance to snuggle down for the night in the Central Hall, in the shadow of Diplodocus. 'Dino Snores' events sell out quickly so booking well in advance is essential. Visitors should eat before attending and take a snack for later in the evening. Breakfast is provided.

Each booking must include a minimum of five children and one adult. Age 7-11.

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Golden Hinde Overnight Experience

An opportunity to sail the seven seas in the company of famous and infamous explorer Sir Francis Drake, sleepovers aboard the Golden Hinde, a replica of Drake's ship permanently moored on the southern bank of the Thames, offer a 'voyage' in search of hidden treasures, and perhaps a bit of plundering too.

On arrival at 5pm a quick change into Tudor sailor costumes gets everyone set for firing the canons, before a traditional Tudor dinner and storytelling. After an exhausting evening on the high seas, the young crew bed down on the gun deck among the cannons. During the chilly winter months there are electric radiators and additional blankets available for families who don't fancy replicating the harsh conditions Drake and his crew would have endured. There's a security guard on board all night as well as the actors who lead the fun. Popular for birthday parties, the ship is also available for private hire.

Suitable for ages 6-11, with one adult per group. The events take place monthly from March to October.

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South Bank

Hamleys Toy Shop

Not a budget option, but if cost is not an issue what party girl or boy wouldn’t relish the chance to join the Hamleys teddy bears for their picnic, save the world with the action heroes, or relax at a doll’s pampering session? The world-famous toy shop is available for private hire on Saturday nights, when trained staff run treasure hunts and games galore and a chef serves a midnight feast before the partygoers head to the land of nod.

£4,500 for ten children. Suitable for six-to -11-year-olds.

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By: Laura Lee Davies


Alison Wright
Alison Wright

HMS Belfast is great for a sleepover. The staff are really helpful, you get a trip round the ship and at an extra charge they do a good pack lunch.


This is brilliant....but only if have kids.....I dont and I feel excluded! booo

Elona Grondona
Elona Grondona

This sounds a fabulous idea. Especially for parties - learn and have fun at the same time! Unfortunately, the price puts it out of my possibility and probably many others as well. Sadly.

Emily missy-jane blackmore
Emily missy-jane blackmore

A few years back i did this sleepover thing with Lainsmead primary school ! I was fab but i dont think there has been one scince But still we learnt alot about scieance it was creative and funny wich is the best was for children to learn about it ! ... Please get back to me about when the next trip is ....

a ensell
a ensell

Our school slept over at the science museum many times and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, because of cost we had to abandon such stays. My question is: Can we get help to fund such sleepovers? £30 for many of our parents is way out of reach.