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  1. Dusty O

    ‘Fire was the first big club that welcomed Trannyshack into its fold. We’ve hosted rooms there many times and it has always been an absolute pleasure. The clubbers are up for fun and the whole place is run with customer service in mind, which is a joy as a promoter.’

  2. Fat Tony

    ‘My favourite night was the first time we did Orange at Fire back in 2003. It felt so wrong to be clubbing on a Monday morning.’

  3. Dave Cross

    ‘I have so many fantastic Fire memories. But best of all was the first time I played the main room at Orange in 2004. Orange was already massive by then. I was both terrified and elated!’

  4. George Sharp

    ‘The Orange Summer of Love August bank holiday in 2009 remains one of the most magical events in the history of Fire. The party continued into the next day out in the club’s garden area, with a packed crowd dancing to DJ Danny Rampling.’

  5. Tasty Tim

    ‘The best night by far was Boy George’s fiftieth birthday party in 2011. There were so many club freaks partying together in the garden under a huge Indian tent.’

  6. Steve Pitron

    ‘One of my favourite memories was when I celebrated a birthday there. Someone decided it would be fun to get me a Star Wars stripper. DJ Stevie B played a remix of the Star Wars theme. A giant fake cake appeared. Out came a scantily clad guy wearing a Darth Vader mask and clutching a giant light sabre!’

Fire turns ten

As Vauxhall's gay super club celebrates a decade, top DJs share their favourite memories


Vauxhall superclub Fire hits double figures this weekend. Since the opening of Sunday night fixture Orange in 2003, the venue has hosted many of London's biggest gay club nights, from A:M to Beyond to Later.

As those names suggest, Fire is the epicentre of late night/early morning clubbing. A typical Fire weekend starts on Thursday night with Gravity and ends on Monday morning with Orange. Of the many DJs who've played at Fire over the years, we asked some to share their memories.

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