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Percolate NYE 2017 at Hangar
© Wisdom Makubile

So you’ve never been to Hangar?

Discover the basement club hiding beneath a fancy bar in London Fields

Written by
Kyle MacNeill

In a nutshell…
A spacious room more likely to boast 4/4 than 747s.

Where is it?
It’s a three-minute walk from London Fields, which means you won’t need a Gold DofE award (or Google Maps) to find it. Haggerston Overground – which is now on the night tube – is nearby too.

What’s the vibe?
While the bar that sits above, Wringer + Mangle, is slick and chic, downstairs you’ll find a proper basement without any need for fancy decor. It’s got a throwback industrial feel, and because it’s a blank canvas, it’s ready to be painted with cans of Dulux Deep Vibes. Having been The Laundry and Mangle in the past, the space has just been taken over by excellent London promoters Percolate, whose first bash was on NYE with house legend Kerri Chandler. Expect bookings to be white-hot in 2018, basically.

What makes it a great venue?
Hangar has a no-nonsense spaciousness that distinguishes it from other, more compact spots in east London. Spacewise, it’s less RyanAir and more luxury private jet. And that’s just the start: there’s a new soundsystem incoming soon too, supplied by the same team who built Printworks’ rig.

What’s the booze situation?
We’d be lying if we said that the bar above Mangle wasn’t pretty spenny (the Bubbles & Bottles menu is eyewatering rather than mouthwatering) – but in the basement you’ll fare much better with standard eastside prices for beers and the like. Strap in and prepare for take-off!

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