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Classical concerts in London

Looking for great classical music in the capital? Look no further

© Ambra Vernuccio

London is one of the world centres of classical music, and there’s a staggering number of concerts, recitals, festivals and lunchtime services taking place in the capital every month. Our advice? Head to any of the shows recommended below and you’ll be in for a treat.


Arthur v

I can't believe that NOWHERE on this site, the completely free performance of the London Symphony Orchestra in the middle of Trafalgar Square of all places on the 17th of May, was advertised nowhere on this site!

I've been using Timeout to try and find nice events in London for some while now, but it was only through a friend that the LSO's performance was made known to me.

So what's up with this unforgivable oversight? Am I supposed to take TimeOut serious or not? Are you only advertising for events that you like or that are paying you?